How to Stop Being so Weak and Pathetic When Life Beats You Up


Weakness is something everyone experiences at some point in life, and with that weakness comes frustration, feeling helpless and being pushed around by everyone AND everything.

That’s inevitable.

Trust me, I know.

How does someone escapes that perpetual struggle that is weakness?

First, we must recognize what weakness is.

Weakness is a STATE OF BEING (mental and physical) of helplessness, in which you can’t fight back or muster any strength.

While in that state, someone wouldn’t even think to escape its situation because he or she lacks any kind of willpower or resolution to do so, and even if they had it…they wouldn’t be able to.

He\She has accepted this life as the norm, and they won’t even bother to change the situation because the frustration and the lack of hope they feel is OVERWHELMING.

They believe themselves to be fated to this weakness, that is “just who they are”.

But that is the farthest thing from the truth.

Weakness, in short, is the inability to do ANYTHING in regard to your situation.


The Answer is ONE.

It’s obvious but not so obvious…

The OPPOSITE of Weakness, STRENGTH – is needed in order to vanquish weakness.

But this is not as easy as it sounds to put in place, and that is because… weakness, is cumulative at its core.

That means that it stacks up over time, over the years – it becomes even more “stickier” – so to speak, until you’re completely engrossed in it and can’t shake it off anymore.

It’s almost like a drug, the worst kind of drug, that keeps on destroying you the more you fall into the cravings, the more you are exposed to it.

So what can poor little weak you do in order to fight this? the answers are two, but one is more effective than the other:

  1. You distantiate from weakness.
  2. You counter-balance it by exposing yourself to strength.

Yeah, you got it.

Choosing the 1st option is not very smart (while doable) as it doesn’t really add anything to your situation, you’re just depleting yourself without filling the void with what could’ve been an otherwise useful substance (strength).

I’d recommend you to go for the 2nd.

The reason being that strength, too, is cumulative.

Woah, shocked?

Well, why would you be? it makes sense that even that they’re opposite, they work pretty much in the same way when it comes to shaping you.

So, how do you get the most out of this?

By combining the 1st and 2nd method!
IF you avoid weakness while exposing yourself to strength, the process will be much quicker.

You can start by cutting off bad habits because habits are one of the things that help weakness cripple in.

Then think about what kind of people to keep in your life and which one to remove. Relationships with the wrong kind of people who saps your energies and therefore bring weakness.

Here I just gave you some examples in which where weakness can be found, but weakness can be spotted ALL OVER YOUR LIFE, in the depths of your persona, even.

Because weakness is not “superficial”, instead it runs deep within you, it has become a part of you without you even knowing.

It can be found in the smallest of things, and that’s why it’s so insidious, because when you give it the chance to crawl even in the things you would categorize as “innocuous”, that’s when it gets you.

So applying strength is the only way to approach this.


If you liked this post and want me to talk about how you can develop strength to aid you in your quest against weakness, please let me know in the comments, and share this with your friends, it would really help me out. 😀


Photo by George Bonev on Unsplash