How To Persevere & (Maybe) Succeed When The Odds Are Stacked Against You

If I have learned something about succeeding in my short journey as an entrepreneur is that very little goes as planned, today I’m going to condense in a few points what has worked for me when it comes to succeeding in your endeavors even when the chances are not in your favor.

1) Good Old Hard Work

If nothing works, hard work will!

Everyone says that this is obvious and trite as advice, yet they all downplay it and when it comes down to doing the nitty-gritty of the work they’ll instead choose avoidance and the comfort of their no risk zone in which they’ll slouch and do NOTHING.

“Oh yeah hard work I know, it’s always the same stuff, you’re not giving any real advice” you’ll say with your little chubby cheeks and your dead eyes.

And they even start wondering why they’re not going forward in life with that monotone, lazy attitude, guess what, nobody is going to give you what you want in life unless you take it with your own two hands, and this holds especially true when you’re coming from a place of scarcity and misfortune, the worse your situation, the harder you need to work, you better hammer it into your head if you want to go somewhere.

Hard work is not thinking really hard about something *YOU THINK* you want but you’re not willing to work for, everyone finds cool the idea of succeeding (getting rich, a new house, a new car, finding glory and fame ecc…) but no one wants to take on their shoulders the immense pressure and the amount of work and pain that comes with it, the cold reality though is that hard work is the basis for all kind of success, everything else comes as something you build on it.

Hard work is consisted of but is not limited to:

  • Repetition of said work
  • Sleepless nights
  • Sweat, tears and blood
  • No results
  • Thousands of hours spent
  • Sacrifice

Succeeding doesn’t sound so sexy anymore, does it? Still in it? If so read on otherwise go home because it’s going to get worse before it gets better.

2) Understand Where You’re At

Now, when the odds are against you in your quest to success you need to acknowledge your starting point, whether you’re from a poor family, you lack experience or qualifications in a certain area or anything else that is not working in your favor…the first thing you need to do is to draw a picture of your situation and what you can exploit about the uniqueness of it (even if it’s bad, yes).

Then you have to be at peace with how things are right now, BUT have the will to change them, since you can’t waste time being upset with how things are, yet you cannot afford yourself to think that you are not able to change things, ditch this victim mindset and always strive for better without holding onto the bad and instead by being grateful and positive. By doing that you’re already setting yourself apart from 90% of population who’s just about focusing on negativity and wishful thinking.

3) Block & Outplay The Noise

One of the things you will have to learn to NOT pay attention to in order to succeed, is the noise and the criticism moved by jealousy or pure hatred that’ll come from people. Given your background and present challenges there will be people (even upfront or behind your back) that will try to pull you down with comments about how you don’t have what it takes to do what you want to do, and that’s fine.

And that’s because only YOU know the hand you’ve been dealt with, the challenges you have and had to overcome in order to be where you want to be, so why should you care about some nobodies spouting nonsense from their mouths? you’ve been through worse than that already anyway, don’t let them shake you one bit and leave them speechless with your actions.

Resilience and indifference is the name of the game.

When pursuing higher and meaningful visions, whether you were or weren’t lucky in your upbringing or in life, do like this: envision you and your goal in a pitch black darkness, with the reflectors pointed right and only at you both. Only you and your purpose exist in that darkness, everything else going on is just chatter and must fade in comparison of the greatness you’re aiming to.

4) Don’t Be Your Worst Enemy

Your Self has the potential to be your worst enemy or your greatest ally, but scores of people end up falling prey to a kind of impostor syndrome that spurs from their past not being riddled with incredible achievements, this holds especially true when you always felt like you’ve been dealt with the shorter end of the stick. 

This is wrong and you have to burn this way of thinking, not just because you are not—first and foremost, defined by your past, but also because you’re consciously (or subconsciously) using this as an excuse to not succeed by putting labels on yourself and what you are able or not able to accomplish.