21 Surefire Ways to Instantly Reset Your Mood and Melt Stress Away

When you really need to get your shit together, maybe because something bad happened and you can’t shake off that feeling of constant discomfort that is holding you back, or you simply worry too much about something you can’t control, or you fell back into depression and can’t afford yourself to be stuck there…

That’s when you could use something to take back control into your hands or a quick pick-me-up ritual in order to feel better.

Today I give you 20 + 1 ways you can use to instantly feel better and are SURE to work, pick whatever you like doing, let’s go:


1) Breathe

The most basic human function you can consciously engage in, and that levels down your overall stress levels and heartbeat.

This is a useful example you can refer to if you don’t know how to breathe to relax


2) Meditate

Comes right after breathing, and for a good reason. Meditation is shown to lower your cortisol levels that are correlated to too much stress, as well as your blood pressure.

3) Go for a walk

Walking should be listed as another form of meditation since it lets you stay by yourself WHILE getting in the amazing benefits of walking for your body.

4) Have a Nutritious Diet

Knowing the effects that food has on your body is KEY to instantly know how to keep stress levels low and maintain your mood where it should be- at the top.

5) Have a cup of something (hot)

A warm cup of Tea or herbal tea can really give you that feeling of warmth, relaxation and affection you were looking for, protection almost. Prefer fruity stuff and don’t go heavy with the sugar though.

6) Hang out with your pals

When nothing seems to cheer you up or give you peace of mind, hanging out with your friends and have some good old’ social interaction it’s just what you needed to feel happy and forget all the worries you have.


7) Watch (ONE) Good Film

While I don’t want you to become a potato couch, because you SHOULDN’T. The occasional amazing movie is something you can use to visit a whole another world in which you can lose yourself in.

8) Cook something

Cooking something wholesome from scratch is an amazing way to redirect your rage\stress into something else while making something delicious to eat with your pretty hands.

9) Work Out

You knew this was coming. But this is an incredibly undervalued way to give a new spin to an already bad day, trust me, your day will drastically change once you’ve tired yourself out of that bad energy.

10) Take some alone time

Life needs balance. There are times when being a social bee can cheer you up, and times when you can’t really bring yourself to do that, and your mind needs some quiet and loneliness, especially if you are a very social individual, taking some time to stay with your lonesome can be incredibly soothing.

11) Sauna

Seriously, have you ever tried getting into a scorching hot sauna? Stay awhile into that place and when you come out of it you’ll feel almost purified, reborn, PURE, CLEAN! sure your vision will be foggy for a while, but definitely try it if you have the chance.



12) Spend more time in nature

It’s no secret that nature is where we feel the most connection as humans since that’s where we come from, this study proves that spending your time in green environments can greatly reduce stress and help with your overall mood.

13) Start reading a book

Similarly to watching a film, reading that good book you’ve been putting off can give you the same immersion (if not better) than your favorite movie, plus- you’ll be spared obnoxious sound\visual effects that may bother your search of peace.

14) Get yourself a massage

This is a way of relaxation that you think it affects just your body but you’ll be happy to know that massages can relieve just as much tension from your mind as well. The ancients have been using massages as a therapeutic way since the dawn of time. Whether is Chinese, Russian or Thai, you’re sure to leave the room as a relaxed person.

15) Fight it out

This can go hand-in-hand with working out, but fighting has a different kind of feeling to it when it comes to “releasing” bad emotions and stress, you can really duke them out, just be considerate to your sparring partner if you are planning to use one, don’t destroy that poor soul!

16) Sleep

Having a good quick nap or a full night’s restful sleep, is one of the most simple, effective ways you can shut everything off and start fresh once again, ready to tackle whatever is thrown at you.

17) Have a glass

Whether it is whiskey or your preferred alcoholic beverage of choice, as long as it helps your nerves you should go for it. Just don’t overdo it, you don’t need that much to enjoy its calming benefits.

18) Pillow-Scream

This is a fun and super quick way to blow off a lot of steam instantly, especially if you’re overruled by anger and don’t want your neighbors to hear you. Pretty straightforward, grab a big pillow, push your face into it and let it all out!

I wanted to put a scooby1961’s gif here, but I couldn’t find any.

19) Jerk Off

Plain and simple. You’d be better off doing passionate sex with your fiancee than with your hand though, but then again, you do what you can! This method is sure to work and as quick as they …come!

20) Sprints

Yeah, this is the 3rd point that involves moving your butt, but then again, there’s a reason why I include movements in this list, it’s one of the quickest ways you can reset your mood, and sprints in particular (or hell even hill sprints!) can quickly make you realize that your problems are nothing when compared to you being gasping for air.

Be sure to be warmed up first, then go for 6 sets of 30 seconds each doing the best you can, repeat again for a total of 12 sets with a short 10 seconds break between sets.

The goal here is to put 101% of your effort when sprinting, you need to be FAST, otherwise it turns into a jog.

You’ll be humbled quickly, both your ego and your problems will seem nothing when you’re done.

21) Music

This study proves that music is an awesome way to get the chance to be laid back and release all of that awful stress you may have, thanks to its frequency and brainwaves that have been shown to release soothing hormones into the body. This is probably one of the most used ways for people to relax, since music is a universal language for “feeling good”.


Tell me what you think, and share this article with your friends if it has helped you! 😀