How Masculinity Can Drastically Improve Your Life

As you may or may not know by now, I’m a huge “advocate” when it comes to re-instilling masculinity into today’s… men, since they seem to have more feminine traits as the days go by, and that’s disturbing.

You can see why I view Masculinity As A positive Force here.

But today I’ll be telling you HOW your life can get better by applying masculinity to it, let’s see some of the reasons:

1) Improve Your Relationships


As you grow into a more masculine man, your good relationships will flourish, while the bad ones will wither and fall away.

The reason for that is that by becoming more masculine you will naturally acquire traits that are deemed as powerful– by the good kind of people around you – while the bad ones will just feel “threatened” by those traits.

And you don’t need me to tell you that you need empowering people in your life, not envious little pricks.

In this way, your already strong relationships will become even stronger because they now see you as a man worthy of trust and respect, who cares about himself and the values he holds, while the bad ones will attack you for being “over the top” or “different”,

Because they have nothing they will STAND UP for.

It’s all a balancing act, really.
Ditch that kind of company.


2) Makes You Action-Oriented

Now, this shouldn’t come as a surprise because masculine men throughout history have been known to NOT sit on laurels, take as an example heroes, emperors, warriors, men of knowledge, but even the most normal of men, like a simple farmer, a worker, a factory owner, a baker… you name it.

But they all had one thing in common: they were focused on DOING THINGS.

Today the average man is dead in the eyes, crushed by his insecurities and his lack of confidence & ambition or even a semblance of a SPARK in his heart, drooling over a screen and UNFIT for reality,


Make yours the qualities of the Men Of The Past instead (see stoicism for example), where even the average man was extraordinary.

3) Feel More Grounded

Masculinity in itself is a grounding force.

It’s no mystery that women are attracted to it when they search for the ideal partner, since women look out for a stable, solid man as support.

So, as a masculine man, you can be sure to have something sturdy on which to base your life upon, and that’s because masculinity naturally gives you a skillset-so to speak- that enables you to be prepared to face any adversity:

  • Bravery
  • Resilience
  • Strength
  • Willpower

And the list goes on…

These are all powerful traits that usually come with a masculine man and they act in coordination to help the man navigate through life with clarity, without being swayed as much.

Being grounded in your masculinity also means that you know where to look out for in times of need, it means that you remember your roots and remain faithful to them so you can find MEANING in your existence as a man,

So that you remember what made you what you are today.


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4 Effective Habits That Will Help You Through Quarantine

Whether you feel it or not, this situation is undoubtedly taking its toll on EVERYONE, slowly but surely – and having a few useful habits in place can help you cope better while you are in isolation.

Let me share some you can start implement from today!


Well, you don’t have to be like Arnie, but you got what i’m saying.

Redirecting your bad feelings and blowing off some steam while training, it’s ideal for when you’re locked inside your house.

Not only working out can help you relax and maintain control, the benefits it comes with are countless, the first one being that YOU GET HEALTHIER!

And now that you got a lot of time on your hands you don’t really have excuses.

Think of the benefits!

You’ll get healthier, stronger, leaner and you will look better too – it’s a no brainer.

I know that a lot of people can find the process of starting a healthy lifestyle & workout regimen daunting and confusing…

And that’s why I’ve created a simple guide that will assist you through the whole process.

It has EVERYTHING you’ll ever need.

  • Nutrition
  • Workouts
  • Tips & Tricks so you get better results
  • Useful tools
  • You will get a Mini Recipe-Book FOR FREE!

You name it.

And it’s crazy affordable too, you’ll never get this chance again – GRAB MY GUIDE AND CHANGE YOUR BODY!



Whether it’s art (Paintings, making music, drawings or pottery)

Or crafts (Make that damn Treehouse!)

Having a hobby that channels your creativity can really soothe and make these days much more bearable and seamless.

Give yourself permission to go enter a creativity spree and lose yourself in the process, you’ll never know how many amazing things you could give birth to!


This one is SO underlooked.

Especially if you live with others (your family, your significant other, ecc…)

Communicating, when in these times even the most trivial of things could become a drama, is of key importance.

And i’m not referring to just verbal communication.

Communication is emotional, too.

Don’t neglect what you are feeling and let other people know how you feel, and don’t forget to listen to others as well.

This will maintain harmony and create an overall healthy environment in which everyone can openly express themselves without suppressing unhealthy feelings, in an already bad time.


Since you probably can’t step outside, you’ll need to keep that morale high – and what better way to do this than by having a good dose of FUN?!

Well, I know this is harder for the most extroverts while everything’s locked down but it’s not impossible.

You’ll just need a little cooperation from the folks you’re living with to spice things up!

Or hell, you can do something silly even if you are alone.

Some ideas:

  • Play videogames!
  • Do couple workouts! (they can even become… spicy at some point 😉 great way to build tension & fun! )
  • Cook something yummy with your S.O. \ Family.
  • Watch a good movie!
  • Pick a theme & decorate your house!
  • Read an interesting book.
  • Do a pun contest!
  • Dance! alone or with someone.

The possibilities are endless, stretch your imagination!

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The Power Of Patience In A Chaotic World


Now, this is something that I’ve always struggled with in the past, I was uncontrollable and impatient at times when I most needed not to.

But with my current understanding, and considering how I’ve evolved through the years, I might be able to assist you in this journey towards patience, and how having it could benefit you in these dire times.

We all know,

The world is a messy place, and more often than not, your composure WILL be continuously tested.

So you can see that by having a good deal of patience, you could navigate life more serenely (and less with a frown on your face 😉 ).

But what is patience?

Patience is often “reduced” to just having the ability to wait for a usually long stretch of time in order to gain something… but… it’s more than that.

Patience instead, is the ability to withstand and endure things THROUGH time, while not becoming affected (in a negative way) by external factors outside of your control.

“Can patience really help me? I think you’re just full of sh*t and are always high on some substance, because that’s just not possible that you are that calm, V!”

Aaaaaaaaaaand that’s where you are wrong, my clueless little angry friend.

Let’s talk about it.

You see, unlike some want you to believe, patience is not a thing you’re “just born with”.

That is simply someone mixing up someone else’s tranquil personality, with patience.

Patience is a skill,
And as such needs to be developed, trained.

To fully grasp THE POWER of patience, let me tell you some of the things it can do for you:

  1. It slows down your reasoning and brings it to a whole another level, making you understand that you can’t rush through everything.
  2. You become more resilient overall, physically, mentally, emotionally.
  3. Helps you keep your cool in stressful situations.
  4. Makes you understand that the good things in life need time, and constant effort.
  5. You will become and appear more rooted and unaffected by things, in the eyes of people.
  6. Gives you access to OPPORTUNITIES, by learning to wait for the right one.
  7. You make better, thoughtful decisions overall.
  8. Gives you an edge on life.
  9. You’ll be able to have healthier, happier & more deep relationships.

I could list countless other benefits, but i think you got what i’m trying to say.

By being hasty and thoughtless, you’ll rarely get something good out of it.

That’s why you need to start and cultivate this lifesaving skill.

Think about it:

Especially now, when everything seems to be going down the drain… how do you plan to handle almost seemingly endless days of isolation?

Conflict inside your home?

Any semblance of your hard obtained progress halted?

The sudden and abrupt changes that society is facing?

Bad times in general?

You’ll need to be patient.

Patience is one of those things that could LITERALLY make an impactful difference and, once developed & mastered, make you realize what a stupid spoiled kid you were.

Because right now we’re looking at a society with a “I want it fast, and i want it now” mindset.

And you don’t need me to explain you how many drawbacks this way of living life has.

A person is basically setting itself up for certain failure.

While an individual possessing patience it’s automatically more balanced, centered and sure of himself\herself,

And that’s because patience it’s naturally a grounding force.

There’s a famous way of saying that goes like this:
“Haste makes waste”

And that makes sense, right?

Who do you think has a better chance of surprising their dinner guests?

Someone who bought frozen dishes and quickly placed them in a microwave, hoping for them not to notice,


Someone who instead went through the hassle and the process of making a recipe that probably took a few days of preparation and laborious cooking, but knew that the final result would leave their guests in awe?

Sure, it took more time & work, but the results cannot possibly be compared to the frozen, heartless, bland dish.

Because what you put in the homemade dish was something far more of quality, of value!

Because you poured YOURSELF,
Your time,
Your heart,

Into the process, without rushing through it, you carefully went ahead and planned every little detail…

Of course in the end, the result it’s INCOMPARABLE!

Needless to say, that in the end to acquire patience you need…patience!
Funny, right?

But that’s true! after all it makes sense because being a skill, it needs to be trained like any other skill, but by trying to make little efforts and implementing it, DAY BY DAY

You will start to see results in your life and become amazed on how your approach changes when facing certain situations,

And the great thing is that you can do it TODAY!

You can start by being more lenient with the people around you, by slowing down & acknowledging that in this state of mind you can do great things.

But remember, it’s not all sunshine and flowers – there will be times when you’ll be tempted to lose your temper and scream in someone’s face,

The difference is BOTH in how you react in the moment, and handle the after, this too, is patience.

Try it.

And tell me how it went, i’d love to hear from you – and if this post has helped you in ANY way, please let me know in the comments.

Stop Looking For Women, What You Should Really Focus On As A Man.

You see, the problem with you guys is that unless you have the truth under your damn nose, you refuse to see it.

And that is because you’re more comfortable that way.
I know it.
I’ve been through it too.

But that’s why i’m here after all, TO ROAST YOU and question your intelligence, because the rumor that we think with our… well, with our dingus, it’s more truth than not at times.

…But that works against us when it comes to relationships & life.
Stay with me, i’m going to explain you a few things that now seem like ancient knowledge, that might change your life:

Now, when i say “stop looking” i don’t mean forever, mind you.

What i imply is that you must stop looking for it, actively.
Why? The reason is simple:

As a man you have other things that take priority over women.

And these things are ENORMOUSLY underlooked by the majority of men, because society wants you to believe that is “ok” to not have these things in check.

(And are far more important than women for your life, of course)

And that is bullshit, and also the reason why most of your relationships with women WILL fail.

Like your finances,
Your body,
Your mental health,
Your dreams.
Your family.

These are just some examples, but are key.

Because you see, women are generally looking for a man who’s stable, who they can rely on- a pillar- so to speak.

How do you possibly think that they can be attracted (long-term) to a lazy ass mofo with no aspirations or goals, that spends his days scratching his ass smoking weed and drinking beer on the couch?

Nobody is attracted to worms.

Makes sense, right?

Now, you shouldn’t be doing this in the first place for getting women, but you should do it for yourself, to improve your situation.

To give the man a reason, a purpose! that’s how it should be.

And while you’re concentrated on all that goodness, women will naturally “flock” to you.

A (good) woman should be A COMPLEMENT, to a man’s life.
The beautiful missing piece,
The “upgrade”,
The better-quality oil that makes the machine work better, even when the machine is working just fine by itself.

Not his focus!

We as men should avoid comfort, it makes us stagnant, makes us loose our “edge”.
As men we should be always prepared to act.

But don’t think we should not be able to lower our guard from time to time, we’re not machines.

We have emotions, we’re emotional beings as well- just *less*- when compared to a woman.

And that is when polarity comes into play.
As a man you want to be, most of the time, ready to face anything – but you’ll need comfort as well, even though you don’t need for it to be your state of being.

And a woman can provide all that.
Softness, tenderness, femininity… It’s all a balance.

And that’s exactly how it should be if you want women to be interested in you as a potential lifelong partner.

THEY are the one looking to find & provide comfort.
YOU, as a man, should be the strength.

So when a woman senses softness, weakness….in a man, it makes her waver. Those shouldn’t be masculine traits.

So, to wrap this all up.
Can you see my point on why you shouldn’t waste your time? how can you afford that when you have so many flaws to work on?

Trust me on this, when you have solved most of your problems you will be a much more appealing man from a woman’s perspective.

So please, stop wasting your time chasing relationships that YOU KNOW won’t go anywhere because of your personal lack of something.

Have a solid foundation on which to start meaningful things from, when a good woman shows up at your doorstep.

Take care.

The Current Disruption between relationships.

The thought that relationships are being somewhat disrupted- be it by society’s “new” norms, by paranoid thoughts or by even nothingness has been knocking on the doors of my mind. Because it seems that NOBODY is able to give without expecting something in return. And why would they, right? we only think of our own gain – truly, we are selfish creatures now more than ever.

Lately i’ve been seing on the web, and in my everyday life, that always more standards are being enforced on males and females when it comes to relationships (romantic and not)- or should i say rules, ways to act to gain whatever you need from the other person.

“Act like this so he will miss you, act like that so that she will give you a blowjob, say that thing so the others in the group will validate you” And so on. I honestly find all of this pathetic.

This is basically how you annihilate your personality and close yourself off from any TRUE bond.

Why? because you’re no longer trying to form a fucking connection with that individual, instead you’re looking to GAIN something from them- don’t get me wrong, it’s not inherently bad to gain something from a relationship- but when ALL THAT YOU’RE LOOKING FOR is to gain, then i think there’s something out of place in the way we think of connections with others. You’re not acting like yourself anymore, you are just wearing a mask so that you are able to manipulate someone else in getting you the things you need, that’s why most relationships are short lived nowadays- do you think this approach can work long-term with another human being? HELL NO.

And while we can keep being scared because of our past traumas and bad experiences we must understand that the only way to stop shallowness from seeping into our society is to hold onto meaningful values (that are oh-so badly seen) that have been around for centuries and actually open ourselves to others while being SELFLESS! that’s the only way to let your unique character shine through all of this indifference we have sadly being accustomed to. Playing games with each other needs to go out of fashion.

And that is, in my opinion, the only way to a real connected world.