Nothing Is Given to You.

If you are one of those people who think that the world owes you something, think again.

After all, you were placed on earth in order to contribute to something, not to be rewarded about your life (which is a gift itself).

You wanted a prize just because you were born into this world?

Sorry, it’s not happening anytime soon.

YOU should payback life instead, because it has rewarded you with the ultimate gift.

And please don’t come to me and say: “I didn’t choose to be born into this world!” -and I say to you- why haven’t you offed yourself then?

Since you’re still here, life MUST mean something to you and I know it does, but you shouldn’t EXPECT something from it, unless you work for it, unless you give something in order to show that you’re grateful for the chance you’ve been given to live.

Because you see, if you wander through life with the expectation that you’re owed anything from anyone you are sorely mistaken, and you’ll be not living life at its fullest.

And I don’t care if your life has been charitable or vicious to you, you are still in NO place to have that sense of entitlement when walking through earth.

I’m not in that place, either. No one is.

Some like “feeling special” like they’re some kind of deity to which everything is permitted and given to.

But there’s no such thing, the truth is that everything is left to itself. The difference is in what that lonely thing decides to make of itself.

You don’t see a boar coming from a forest that suddenly declares that he wants to become the king of the world. And even if he wanted, he couldn’t.

And that’s the more reason to appreciate the gift that has been given to us, because ours it’s not just “any” life. We have the gift of life along with the gift of freedom.

We can CHOOSE what to make out of ourselves, lonely little things.

And yet you take this all for granted? don’t you think that boar would kill to have such an amazing chance? He doesn’t DREAM to even be given something – yet you’re graced with that, how lucky are you?

And you still expect something from life, when you’re already are the MOST FREE of creatures?

Get down from your pedestal.