8 Crucial Things Every Man Should Have By The Time He Turns 30

While it’s true that a man is not defined by what he owns, there are exceptions where if said man doesn’t have some of these things, it means that maybe he doesn’t have all the freedom he could have and he’s not a real man, because these things are not really choices, they’re necessities instead that play an important part in a man’s life, that enable him to exercise his will and freedom without being held back, that’s why today we’re looking at…

8 Things Every Man Should Have By The Time He Turns 30

1) His Own Housenicehouse

It goes without saying that still living with your parents by the time you’re 30…well, it doesn’t look too good for you as a person, but more importantly as a man, having your own house is a MUST before you turn 30, how are you supposed to stay calm and by yourself with the privacy you deserve otherwise? especially if your family isn’t really positive or happy, and where are you going to invite those spicy señoritas (I borrowed this term from Alpha M. lol ) into your mom’s house? really?

You need to have your own place so you can treat is as your world, your realm, and do whatever the hell you want in it, this obviously takes the 1st place on this list of things every man should have by the time he turns 30!

2) His Own Businessbusinessman

This is second for a good reason, let me ask you…as a man, would you rather spend your life under someone else’s thumb and orders, or would you rather do your own thing without feeling terrible and earning way more?

Yeah, I thought so! having a business (or, why not, multiple sources of income!) not only makes you less miserable as a man as you don’t go living paycheck to paycheck, but also improves your attractiveness to people and girls in general, that’s why before you turn 30, having a solid business set in stone falls in second place.

3) A Home Gymgym

Okay, this I admit it’s very personal as a choice, but I believe having your own gym in the crib before you’re 30 is not only a great accomplishment but a WIN in terms of time & money spent.

Not only you won’t have any time restriction or monthly expenses…you could decorate it the way you want and without the worry of other people being around and disrupting your workout, silence, peace and gains! 

I would also treat it as some sort of meditation temple, you know, the kind of meditation you go into when you train with all you’ve got, treat it as your manly, personal training grounds where you can do training montages before a very important event! very manly if you ask me, and you can start building it right away with something as simple as these dumbbells I found and I now use them everyday, perfect for when you don’t want to make a mess out of it, since they have all kinds of sizes, you don’t need much, just put a new piece of equipment little by little.

But if you yet don’t have the chance of creating your own gym you can still use your bodyweight to get amazing results, but what if you don’t have a clue on how to get started on fitness & healthy eating? worry not, you can check out my complete fitness guide, which is at 20% OFF BUT JUST for the next 20 copies, and it will make it simple for you to get in shape, since it’s packed with information and my personal guidance for you to get that dream body of yours without any fancy or complicated methods, hurry and don’t let it slip by.

4) His Own Carsupercar

Taking your parent’s car or going through the city with your bike and public transportations only can be counterproductive when you have to rely on them in an uncertain situation.

That’s why having your own car could make your life much easier. also, you could go to places you couldn’t go as easily if you rode something else, then there’s also the freedom to go wherever you want, whenever you want without depending on someone else’s permission or schedule, that’s why I believe that having a car before you’re 30 is necessary, the end goal after all, for a man, is FREEDOM.

5) An Amazing Leather Jacketmanleatherjacket

Nothing screams more “manly” than a good ‘ol leather jacket, it smells good and makes you feel like you’re going on a fateful road trip on your motorcycle to save the world from evil, it also looks very cool on you no matter who you are, so if you want to level up your bad boy coefficient I got you with this cheap but amazing & stylish leather jacket I found on Amazon.

Think about it, how can you reach your 30’s and not be a proud owner of a leather jacket? it is a must for a man, and it will surely improve your overall style since they pair well with everything: jeans, boots, sport shoes…you name it.

6) A Mountain Cabinmountaincabin

This may seem far fetched for most of you and though it’s understandable, I personally need something like this, and I’m positive you need it as well if you’re a man, the reason being: solitude.

Similar to the home gym, there are times where we, as men, must prioritize our spiritual and mental wellbeing, and what better way to do so than a mountain cabin\house? it provides you with that much needed peace and solitude you so desperately seek, and though it may seem like a very optional thing I’m still convinced that every man should be able to leave the chaos in his life at any moment in time when it becomes unbearable and find warmth in his refuge, to reflect, re-invent himself and think.

This holds especially true when turning 30 because the previous years are going to be hectic, even hellish for some, and having a personal, peaceful place to let it all out can be lifesaving.

7) A Big Knife\knivesknives

Whether we’re talking about some amazing cheese knives you can use for cutting tasty slices of parmesan or your favorite smelly cheese, or some self-defense blades to use when in a pickle, or hell, even to just practise wood carving…knives are one of the things every man should own by the time he turns 30, and for good reason.

Not only they’re versatile and come in handy in every situation a man might find himself in, they’re also very manly and useful even just for mundane tasks such as slicing open packages, or enjoying your evening snack in a masculine way, and in this way you also know that when shit hits the fan, you have something to rely on.

8) A Quality Suitsuit

The suit doesn’t make the man, but in this case it might as well do, having a suit in order to look sharp or to attend some particular event is something all men should have before they turn 30.

Not only a great suit, like this cheap but awesome piece from Calvin Klein, can set you apart from the competition and acts as a surefire piece of clothing in such times, it will also make you radiate a different aura, the aura of a man who cares about himself and how he dresses for every occasion, making people understand that you hold yourself in high regard.

You can either go with a classic black, or navy blue when you’re choosing suits or if you feel a bit eccentric you could dare to sport a bright crimson red, which comes off as very adamant and masculine.

The Authentic Masculine Look & Its 4 Aesthetic Traits

Today I’m going to talk about the ideal masculine look in its physicality and appearance since I’ve already talked about what makes a true man in the character spectrum of the thing.

So what are the things that define a true manly, masculine appearance on a man? Let’s see them together.

Masculine Look, Muscles & Fat Percentagea good example of a masculine look

One thing that undoubtedly makes or breaks a man’s looks is his fat percentage, now, don’t start crying on me if you’re chubby and want to lose that fat so you can start to look like a true man (or woman) because I just solved your problems with my amazing Fitness Guide for dummies, so check it out if you need assistance with that. Why is that so though? well the reason is simple, the less fat you have on your body, the more your natural masculine traits will shine! 

Take your jawline as example, less overall body fat means a squared and well-defined jawline, or your abs! with less fat your stomach is flat and your abs will look more ripped, and we all know that dad bods ARE NOT sexy at all, right? then, the leaner you are, the more your veins will “pop out” and girls will love you, there are countless benefits related to looks when it comes to being a low fat individual.

Then there’s muscles, men were meant to be muscular and lean because they always engaged in demanding physical activities unlike their soft and gracious female counterparts, thus making it become the staple look of a healthy man. Being muscular will make you look more masculine, strong and attractive, your goal here is the V-taper kind of body, large shoulders, slim waist! come on, do you really think that a skinny guy with toothpicks as arms will be considered more masculine than a man who has his biceps looking like mighty guns? weakness is not a masculine trait.

Hair, Beards & Such

Ideally, another feature of a true masculine look is hair density, having flowing luscious hair and a rigorous beard (even body and chest hair!) is a sign of health and manliness, but not everyone is blessed with hair\beard genetics, in fact lots of men go bald or look like a baby trying to put on a beard with a permanent marker, yikes. Though this can somewhat be supported by changing your lifestyle into a more active, healthier one, so your testosterone levels will bump up and trigger some hair growth, not every man in the end will be able to be a burly hairy werewolf and that’s fine, work with what you have, that’s the best way of going about things.

The Smile

Okay, but what about his smile? the masculine look bingo card wouldn’t be complete without this aspect of a man, is your smile weak, void of personality, awkward or even forced? that’s not very masculine. A “masculine smile” it’s usually very charismatic and enveloping, magnetic almost, I’ve included a man’s smile in this because it’s actually a very powerful signature of a man that conveys confidence and masculinity, when it comes to one’s looks it’s a way of proving how comfortable a man is with his expression of all he is through something simple as a smile.

Gaze, Eye Contact & Technicalities

This, like the smile, is one of the major things that characterize the masculine look, the eyes of a man. Believe it or not your eyes can communicate a whole lot of things, depending on how you use them, usually your average weak ass guy doesn’t take advantage of his eyes not because he doesn’t want to, but because he can’t.

You see, eyes and confidence are interlinked, a man who’s not confident and doesn’t feel enough of a man won’t be capable of maintaining eye contact with another person with confidence, for example, his stare will not communicate or arouse anything in another’s person psyche because it’s weak at its core thus wasting the potential of those eyes, a man who’s confident in his masculinity and himself instead will use his eyes accordingly by naturally maintaining eye contact when speaking to people, will let those eyes tell stories of magic and wisdom while keeping a veil of mystery upon it all, the latter are the kind of eyes that when people look into them see the universe and will keep them wondering about the depth of this man, making them feel like they NEED to know what he’s thinking, is almost as though you can feel the “weight” of such eyes, and that’s very manly because your eyes can subconsciously communicate your essence to another.

As you can see the difference lays in how the bearer of such looks utilize them also, not just in the looks themselves, this should make you hopeful because some things you can’t change, but other you can improve. 

4 Masculine Things That Separate True Men From Boys

jan-kopriva-5RVB2Ywg4v0-unsplashPhoto by Jan Kopřiva on Unsplash

Being a man is not easy—never has been, especially in today’s society when men are shunned upon for just being themselves and displaying masculine traits, this of course acted as a deterrent and drew an increasing gap between men and men who acts like boys.

Today I will  give you 4 Masculine Things that define a man to know if you are a true man, or still a boy. And hopefully, if you are still a boy, you will implement these things in your life ASAP, there is no shame in growth after all.

Let’s see them together:

1) His Words Hold Meaning

A man, his word and his actions always go together and create the foundation of that beautiful thing called “coherence”. A man that stays true to his words and follows up with action after he spoke those words is a man that can be trusted and worthy of admiration since his word mean something, is packed full of MEANING.

Too many people these days say something, but they don’t really : mean it, think it, or do it. Their words are light like the wind, they’re empty, lack any intention and you could even not bother listening to them.

A man’s words instead have weight to them, you can’t ignore them because if you do so you will regret it, you wish you’d payed attention to words that really meant something later on the road, words with a purpose – meant to teach, warn or affirm important stuff. Words that are dear to your ears that will help you in the greatest of ways while at the same time hurting you, if you just happen to listen.

Now I don’t want to make this TOO poetic, but a real man’s words you really can’t enough of since they are true…and few things are still true in this world, that is why they must be held in high regard.

2) They Work Towards Something (Greater)

Have you ever heard of a true man that stood still for all the duration of his life? because I haven’t, and even if I did I probably won’t be remembering him. (And by “stood still” I mean that he always played it safe and didn’t bother put all of his being in something he believed in.)

Another example of masculine things that define a man is his willingness to ACT. A true man has a chief aim in his sights at all times and spends most of his life trying to achieve whatever that aim, that purpose is – it’s a symbiotic relationship, the one between a true man and his purpose.

They give life to each other, as it should be, it’s a burning flame that can either incinerate said man or fill him up with ENDLESS passion and newfound willpower, and it’s exactly this risk that the man takes at all times while trying to realize his ambition that defines him as a true man.

3) He’s Unafraid To Be Himself

Another entry on our masculine things list of what defines a man is that too many men these days live in constant fear caused by their unwillingness to show their “true colors”, fearing other’s (men usually, but women too) judgement, cowering at the thought of being discarded by his group of friends or even society because his personality does not align with his peers.

And let me tell you: this self-sabotaging paranoia is the death of what could’ve been a true man.

Because while a boy does the unthinkable to prove others that he can be a good fit in their group while often using self-damaging methods (i.e. becoming the clown of the group, faking some if not all aspects of his personality, ecc…) a true man instead has no use for this trickery, the reason being that he’s comfortable in his own skin and he’s proud of who he is and has NO need for masquerades and bonds forged by the urgency and convenience spurred by the fear of being left alone or cut-off. Keep in mind that this behavior can be adapted by women as well.

A true man embodies his principles and his values during the span of his life and shows them through his personality, whether people accept them or not, the true man is not fazed one bit because this is who he is and is not afraid, unlike the boy, to “beat his chest” and radiate that special aura that tells others that what they’re seeing is his genuine self.

In fewer words…

A true man, is authentic and proud of all he is.

4) Is, Simply, Strong.

This might be THE MOST important point of them all.

I’ve already stated in the past the importance of strength for a man, this testosterone based energy is pivotal in the development of said man, so that’s exactly why it HAS to be on this list of masculine things, after all, strength is very manly, it’s at the base of what it means to be a true man.

And the reason is simple: a weak man is still a boy at his core.

A true man is not only physically strong and fit, mental strength is another important side that factors in and that can’t be ignored. Strength is the ESSENCE that fuels a man’s growth until the day that he dies, a man who lacks strength is powerless and can be effortlessly swayed around by life and people who seek to take advantage of him.

A man without strength cannot possibly have within him those amazing qualities that we’ve discussed previously, because strength acts as a glue that holds it all together, without it they’ll surely crumble.

Now, physical strength is the precursor of mental strength, and every respectable man should be able to exert whatever amount of strength needed to protect those dear to him, destroy his enemies and maintain an honorable existence.

Thing is…not every man is naturally born strong, and it’s OK. We’re a work in progress after all and we need to learn things along the way, but that does NOT mean that just a few men can become strong, no.

The potential to strength lies deep within EVERY. SINGLE. MAN.  No exception made, it’s the duty of a man to make the best out of that divine potential that has been bestowed upon him and sharpen it so good things can came forth out of it, and to not waste it. If you’re a man (or damn, a lady too!) and want to truly take the first step to become stronger then I’ve got you covered with my amazing Fitness Guide For Dummies that will assist you into making a better version of yourself, by building strength, losing fat and shape you into an healthier individual overall…without the need of having a degree in rocket science in order to understand it and see results, you won’t even need a gym since all the exercises are bodyweight, check it out!

But the bottom line is that boys who don’t become strong have a linear, predictable fate: they end up not fighting their battles, and instead they resort to underhanded schemes and deception in order to attain what they seek. This is a sign of a weak, immature man that uses “weapons” that should be exclusive to naturally weaker individuals like women, so you can see why you can’t define a man who lacks strength, a “true man”.

And that’s exactly the reason why in antiquity young boys were forced to undergo a rite of passage, a test of some sort if you will, usually handed by the elders of the community in order to get their strength and their will tested, but today there’s nothing of the sort in society, so as men we must arm ourselves with whatever means available that builds strength and character.

So, can you recognize yourself in some, or all of these masculine things\traits that a true man has? If not, how do you plan on improving yourself?

Remember, a man cannot simply “be” , instead he must build himself in every aspect, so don’t feel too down if you’re not yet one, but instead work hard towards becoming a man you can be proud of.

Let me know if I can help you with something, and tell me in the comments what you think of the article


Take care