The Best No Excuses Workout To Do At Home For Losing Fat.

The world’s in a bit of a pickle now, and working out from home it’s a thing that a lot of people will have to get used to, since gyms are closed.

Let me give you a quick workout so you don’t avoid training.

You probably have a lot of time on your hands already, but with this workout you really have no excuses.

Either you’re a beginner or a pro, you can modify this workout to make it easier\harder – it’s very flexible.

Let’s go:

Do as many as you can:

Pushups x15 (Go on your knees for the easier version/elevate your feet for the harder)

Image from the 8fit app.

Bodyweight Lunges x20 (If you can’t do lunges, just step out with your feet, use dumbbells for the harder version)

Image from the 8fit app.

High Crunches x8 (Do standard crunches for the easier version, grab a dumbell and hold it high through the motion for the harder)

Be sure to ROLL your shoulders down to your hips.

Dips x10 (slide your feet in for the easier version, extend feet for harder, use a dip bar with a weight for the hardest)

Jump Squats x10 (standard squats for the easier version, be sure not to rush through the exercise, feel the burn!)

Be sure to land SOFTLY on your feet.


It really takes little time to stay in shape.
Have you done this workout? did you find it useful?

Want me to bring you more workouts like this one, or something more specific to your needs? Just leave a comment and i’ll be sure to keep ’em coming!

Stay safe now,

Take care.

A Thing All Men Need To Start Doing NOW.

Do i REALLY need to explain this to you?

Ok, great – let me be blunt as always then, so you’ll get it through that thick skull of yours:


And you can act offended or do whatever the hell you want, but that’s reality.

See, if you’re the “”Man”” described above how would you:

  • Protect Yourself & Your Loved ones?
  • React to what life throws at you?
  • Carry yourself with PRIDE?
  • Be able to be a SOLID & Strong Role-Model For Your Children?
  • Lead Your Family in case of Danger?

THAT is why physical prowess it’s a MUST, for a Man.

And there is not shame in not being YET strong.

The only shame it’s to REMAIN that way.

And if you don’t know how to get started, and would like a hand to get in the best shape of your life, my guide can help you.



The Amazing Benefits & Superiority Of Fasted Workouts.

Fasted workouts are THE BEST, period.

When compared to “fueled” workouts, fasted workouts have clearly an incredible edge.

But why you ask?

Let me give you a few reasons, my friend! So you can bask into the awesomeness that are fasted workouts, with me.


This applies especially during long periods of fasting (16H minimum is what i recommend – and it’s called intermittent fasting) – the previous night you have dinner and then you don’t touch anything for that time frame, so usually until lunch.

So if you practice I.F. daily, working out fasted will increase your sensitivity to insulin, allowing your body to burn more fat and build muscle, with the aid of the growth hormone as well,

And studies have proven that while in a fasted state your body taps into your energy reserve fuel (called glycogen) and this leads to an increased fat loss effect.

So basically you’re not using energy from already ingested foods, instead you’re using your “survival energy”, so to speak.

And this applies to ANY kind of training, not just to cardio, like some people want you to believe (the famous “fasted cardio”) so to strength training too!

While you don’t have any of this when compared to a fed workout.


Now this is something i experienced after my FIRST fasted workout – it was hellish at first, i admit. But after you get used to it… you feel like a beast.

You suddenly have much more energy when compared to the “fed mode”.
You can go on for longer periods of time, and while we’re at it, there you go, a cool research on this – a detailed study mentioned in a Science Daily article.


As you start to become acquainted to working out with no ready-to-use fuel, it’s only obvious that your physical abilities WILL become better.

Since our body it’s great ad adapting to changes, it will automatically enhance itself, so you can keep performing at your best.

At first it’ll be hard, but after a while you will be able to endure big amounts of training without having to eat anything! Of course your body will get accustomed to that so it can adapt.

See it this way :

it’s like training with ankle\wrist weights for a period of time and then you take them off. And without you knowing it you became much faster and stronger.

Of course this comparison it’s actually the reverse when it comes to this topic, but i think you get the gist of it.

What about you?
Will you try working out in a fasted state soon? are you already doing it?

Tell me what you think.

Take care


Can You Get Your Dream Body Fast? Find It Out


It depends.
On what? Simple – what kind of dream body do you have in mind: The Super-Ripped, with major and even minor muscles popping up and an abnormal low level of body fat, one resembling of a greek god?



A slim and toned figure with little fat who’s healthy and on the right road towards more progress? AGAIN- It depends.

Both are attainable of course, and while one it’s easier to achieve than the other, in the end it all boils down to your own efforts.

The discipline and the consistency you put in your eating and training makes a HUGE difference in the final results.

Basically, if you want it bad enough you can achieve it – but don’t go believe everyone that sells you a “quick fix” because that’s just not how it works when it comes to building your body,

They just want to rip you off.

Instead, if you’re looking for a guide that gives you everything you need to start to get in shape while hammering away bad habits & that provides you with the tools needed to change your body for the better –

My guide is 20% OFF For the next 20 orders.

But don’t think that’ll magically give you your dream body. I give you the strategy, following through with it it’s up to YOU.


Settling Is Like Committing Suicide.

Now, you might say: “V, that title seems a little too extreme!” but that’s where i say…


And the reason is because everyone is meant to DO SOMETHING on this planet.
See it like this: Settling is like playing Tetris without even trying to make the pieces fall in the right place, and as extent, to win.

Tell me WHY a person would want that. Why would someone want to feel contempt with that low-paying job, that toxic relationship they’re in, that ugly wife… i can’t understand.

You get one shot at life, and you dare not to shoot for the moon? how boring is that! let that sink in, you really want to spend your life as a nobody and let that childhood dream of yours die like that? you are more than that. You see: it’s not an exaggeration when i say it’s like committing suicide-because you’re selling yourself low, discarding your potential-what could you be…right form the start. You are not even giving yourself the chance to change your situation.

Give it some thought.

Sure, it will be really hard but…will it be harder than arguing every day with that ugly person\people in your life? will it be harder than enduring your boss yelling and laughing at you every day of your life? hell no, build that business! ditch that person! grasp that freedom!

Would you rather have no time to spend with your loved ones because you’re working 24\7 or would you rather expand and automate that business so your life transforms in your leisure time?


Workout and eat healthy so you can finally be damn happy with that new and strong body of yours, and if you need a useful assistant for this i can recommend this SUPER affordable and awesome Fitness Tracker which i’m sure it will come in handy in your fitness journey. In this way you’re helping yourself (and me, since i make something out of it) getting better and “recorded” results. Remember, why suffer and be unhappy for a lifetime when you can choose to suffer and be happy for SOMETHING, which is bettering your condition instead of suffering for something that it’s dragging you into the abyss day-after-day? A strong mind can’t be maintained without a strong body.

And if you’d like some advice you can contact me and i’ll be at your disposal to help you to the best of my coaching abilities.

Choose wisely because the last thing you want is to be stuck eternally with your bad decisions and regrets. But be aware that nobody is coming to save you, nobody will put in the hard work, the sacrifices and the sleepless nights that are needed to change your life for the better. You will have to rely on yourself only. But oh will it be worth it once you’re adamant about it! lifelong happiness instead of daily depression? total freedom? you tell me about it.

You’re meant to be so much more-but the sad reality is that people have long given up even before they’re given themselves a chance at that something…society is programmed in a way that locks people hopes and dreams up, makes you addicted to the useless, bombards you with fake information and instills that “sheep” mentality onto every single one of us.

It’s obvious that people nowadays rather to keep their heads down and don’t even dare dream, everything is filled with insecurity and doubt and negativity. They’ve taken it all out of us! but it’s our-your, job to get it all back.


So get out there and start making changes from today, create your dream life and never look back, because all you’re going to see if you do look back it’s something that has always ensnared man: ruthless emotional slavery.

Take care,