Super Natural Pre-Workouts Foods To Quickly Fuel Your Body With Goodness.

If you’re one of those people who thinks that you NEED those artificial, super-expensive supplements, or you’d like to switch to natural stuff, i got you covered.

But first,
WHY should you avoid taking artificial supplements? I mean, it’s the craze of the moment, right?

Let me ask you this instead:

Why would you rather opt for an artificial, doubtful blend of chemical trash that could bring you harm? (And let’s not mention the ABNORMAL amounts of caffeine inside them)

Especially when nature can provide you with great natural foods that give you energy alternatives for your workouts?

My personal favorites :

Coffee – Perfect BEFORE your workouts, for a quick burst of energy, and if taken prior to your workout, it even helps you burn more kcals during it. (I’m talking about your espresso\black coffee – without any stuff in it.)

The BLACK one.

Green Tea – This goodness brings you energy slower than coffee (so you need time before it acts) BUT the difference is that it provides you with consistent and sustainable energy during your workouts, while coffee blasts you with a boost, with the risk of making you feel a crash.

Also, drinking green tea normally boosts your metabolism – imagine what happens if you take it before working out…yup! even more calories gone.

Pick what you need!

This one has a bit of cocoa powder in it, as you can see.

Banana & Oats– Both SO Underrated, they can work amazingly on their own, but when paired together they provide you with a long lasting amount of energy (Because of the abundance of carbohydrates!) , great for those longer workouts!

Don’t Compare Yourself To Others: Your Fitness Journey Isn’t Supposed To Be Easy And Linear.

This applies to life in general, as well!

You’re not supposed to sail a sea that’s always smooth and serene, you can get caught in whirlpools or damn, even sink!

That’s why when you first embark on your fitness journey the first skill you need to develop is patience.

Along with not being obsessed by the scale, hell- the scale should be YOUR LAST CONCERN! It’s not a reflection of your progress.

It happens to miss one or two workouts,
It happens to indulge in that heavenly doughnuts from time to time,
It happens not having energy to move.


You have to understand that it’s all a process, and the important part is that you always get back on the horse, even when you fall.

It’s simple, really:
If you miss a workout, don’t make it two!
If you have a cheat meal, DON’T make it two!

Consistency is the name of the game.
The more you’re consistent with your efforts, the more results you are going to see.

And i understand that for someone who’s just starting this might be difficult, i was there too.

We all don’t know what we’re doing, especially at the beginning. That’s why i wrote a simple guide that will help you get in shape.

No useless information,
Straight to the point, it has EVERYTHING you need to know.

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The Useful Art Of Making Effective Plans, And How It Can Help You Achieve Your Goals.

Thinking, Organization, Ability to “foresee” the future.
These are all needed and useful things you should take in consideration when making a plan.

But becoming a careful planner can serve you in multiple ways.

Let me give you some pointers on HOW to formulate a good plan.

Before we begin though, we need to dispel a Myth.
And that is that planning it’s something accessible only to geniuses or high-IQ freaks – It’s not.

Even your average Joe it’s capable of mindblowing feats, if he only sets his mind to it.

So, what do you need to be able to make a good, effective Plan?


I’ve just came up with this term – cool right? Purposeful Thinking it’s divided in two areas : Brainstorming & Analyzing.

Brainstorming it’s pretty self-explanatory,
Either with others or yourself is the discussion to produce new ideas or solve problems.

Analyzing includes : The Pros & Cons of that specific thought\idea, the efficiency of it. (Is it doable? does it costs me much resources, aka time, money, endeavor – what do i gain or lose from it, how can you tackle potential problems? ecc…)

Ask yourself this:


And write ’em down. IT’S CRUCIAL.

The Alignment with your goals: Is it something that naturally flows for you and the place you want to reach? this may be a little vague but hear me out,

It’s those little things and details that make you say: “That’s exactly how i imagined for it to go” basically, the compatibility with YOUR SITUATION In relation to your Goal.


While it’s COMPLETELY POSSIBLE to achieve things on your own,

ESPECIALLY For bigger goals, having a group of carefully selected people, it’s advised.

These people MUST :

  • Be Trustworthy individuals (You don’t want snitches, backstabbers or people who lack values or morals)
  • Be specialized in something. (Variety makes good teams – You need unique individuals that bring in some VALUE that’ll help long-term.)
  • Not be fazed by hardships and challenges – aka they need to be tough.
  • NOT be toxic\negative people (they complain, bring others down, they see problems and not solutions, ecc..)


Too much thinking can be good or bad.

Thinking needs to be coupled with Action,
You can’t think of things and expect to manifest themselves, period 😀

You need to put in act all that careful thinking – hard work, perseverance, MOMENTUM & SPEED.

Once your plan is formulated it’s time to execute the “steps” that i previously mentioned – in coordination with your team, or alone.

Having a map that tells you where to go is great, but if you do not actually walk it’s useless right?

So do whatever you need to do to reach the next step, you should have already in mind the sequence of actions you’ll take, some examples\ideas you could use:

  • Make powerful connections.
  • Do paperwork/grinding stuff (contacting clients, putting in “the work” needeed for a specific business or whatever)
  • Gain Useful Assets.
  • Gain support from people.
  • Invest money in high ROI stuff (Return on investment) so things that benefit you long-term ecc…

Tell me what you think about this article in the comment, and IF it has helped you!

Take care.

**cover photo by Gordy69 on DeviantArt**

13 Amazing And Effective Tips To Feel Healthier And Stronger Instantly.

Every little thing that i will list down below WILL help you feel better overall, if you stick with them! These are little changes that you can implement one by one (or all at once) in your life, so you can feel a thousand times better as time passes :

Feeling lethargic or with no energy? hydration it’s usually the main factor causing this. Force yourself to drink more water, and if you really can’t chug down liters of water, start with these small steps to ensure you’re hydrated – in a different way :

  • Eat Fruit.
  • Drink Tea\Herbal Teas.
  • Include more Vegetables into your diet.
  • Make Smoothies out of stuff!
  • Broth\Soups are excellent when you need to take in fluids.
  • Try and drink more water than the day before, little by little. Your body will get accustomed to it.
  • Icicles! (Make them yourself, they’re healthier and easy to make.)

The other key is to MOVE MORE! You don’t give the chance to your body to challenge itself, you must keep it active in order to be healthy, and you don’t need to be stuck on boring workout regimens 24\7, SWITCH IT UP! some examples:

  • Go for a Run.
  • Do Martial Arts!
You don’t need to be as good as him.
  • Go for a Hike in Nature. Breathe some of that good and clean air, for once, while exercising at the same time.
  • Move Heavy Stuff.
  • Chop some Wood! chop chop!
  • Swim. Seriously, it does wonders for you.

And remember:

To see results anywhere in life, you need 3 things: Time, Action & Consistency. The same applies when building your body and becoming healthier.

So, if you’re in need for a helping hand and don’t know where to start in order to make these changes…

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Appereance Matters For Your Success, See Why.

“Never judge a book by its cover”

That’s how the saying goes, right?

Well, this is half true – in fact, when first meeting someone it’s completely OK to guess some things here and there, but how’s this related to your success? let’s take a look.

Thing is, the first impression you have on someone hugely impacts how they’re going to perceive you afterwards. Let’s take the example of a business meeting: If you made sure to leave a good impression beforehand, you can be sure that the rest of the meeting will go much smoother than it would’ve gone if you hadn’t taken that “countermeasure”.

The reason is because your appearance says A LOT about you.

  • How do you carry yourself?: How’s your posture, straight and confident, or weak and twitchy? do you walk like you mean it, or are you crawling like a worm? is your head high and your eyes full of fire, or you always keep your head down?
  • The way you speak: Sounding confident when speaking it’s key. If you don’t believe in what you’re saying, how are others supposed to take you seriously? when you talk it feels like you’re whispering? welp, don’t do that – make yourself heard! now, don’t go screaming because it’s bad manners and it’s unsightly – keep a constant and pleasant tone. Don’t stutter while talking, being fluent and slick gives you more credibility and overall it’s nice and soothing to hear someone who can talk.
  • Your Self esteem: Do you take yourself too seriously like you’re some kind of deity, or make a fool out of yourself whenever the chance is presented to you? DON’T. You must inspire admiration while being able to laugh at yourself from time to time. Remember, if you don’t respect yourself others won’t follow suit.
  • How you dress yourself: Of course, dressing like some kind of bum won’t cut it. Again, if you want others to love you as much as you do – you have to make the effort to make them see how much you love yourself. Dress to impress! that doesn’t mean you have to wear tailored suits every day and pay hundreds of dollars for your clothes. Of course you can play the cheap card, it doesn’t matter if your shoes are worth 1000$ or 5$ – you can impress even if you don’t have money for fancy stuff. Be sure to wear clean and fresh clothes with no wrinkles – groom yourself if you’re a man, cut your hair and keep up good personal hygiene! it’ll make you stand out from others.

What about what’s inside though? 😦

Of course, in the end it doesn’t matter if outside you’re a “looker” and inside you’re empty as the pot i used to make homemade curry last night.

Being a wholesome human being (of course) comes before all of this – having an identity, values you treasure and things you’ll stand up for, what i want you to understand is that…

sometimes in life a good impression can make a huge difference in the outcome of your success, because people are inherently looking for all these little traits that define a great individual you would do business or start some sort of relationship with.