Eating One Meal A Day: 11 Amazing Benefits

What’s O.M.A.D. ? (One Meal A Day)

The O.M.A.D. diet is a kind of intermittent fasting where you simply choose when to eat your one and only meal for the day which is pretty kingly and abundant since it has to fill you up until your next meal (usually the day after at the same time). Suffice to say this is a very nutrient-dense meal so it should encapsulate all your needed calories for that day.

Like ALL diets this one has its pros and cons too, of course, but today i’m going to focus on the benefits so you can see if this might work for you, let’s start!

1. Makes It Easier To Lose Fat

slim girl low fat in sun

Since you’ll be sticking with one meal a day you won’t have to eat anything else, so it will discourage mindless snacking and you reaching for a slice of chocolate cake or that sugar filled Starbucks coffee, and consequently discarding calories your body doesn’t need, you can see how powerful this is since the kcals avoided will stack on each other and start compounding day after day, causing a caloric deficit that leads to quicker fat loss.

Speaking of which, I have a complete guide to fat loss, fitness and nutrition that I accurately crafted if you need assistance to burn fat and look sexy, check it out.

2. You Won’t Gain Weight!

By using the one meal a day approach, since the caloric intake of your day will stay pretty much the same (especially if you stick to the same meal everyday, though I won’t advise you to do so) you will find it difficult to put on more weight because your body will quickly adjust itself to eat the same, set quantity of food each day that will ideally fill you up, hence becoming unable to eat anything more than that, so you don’t have to worry about gaining an inch!

And I’m talking about water weight, as well. You won’t have small meals spread throughout the day so your body has time to digest properly and doesn’t have to worry about the extra water weight caused by the constant food and empty calories you were feeding it.

3. You Will Save Lots Of Money

saving money on one meal a day


A diet that is wallet-friendly? No way! except that this is actually the case. Now, my thoughts on diets are controversial but you can’t deny that some of them require you to be buying overpriced ingredients and not everyone is able to keep that up.

With this diet instead you’ll be eating once a day, so that results in less trips to the grocery store, no place for snacks and small things that are very expensive, extravagant and of no use to your diet, and no, you don’t need those new flavored chips or that secret vegan organic BBQ sauce that costs you 19$.

Less trips to the grocery store also means that you’ll learn to make your meals with less while focusing only on the essential and the substance, no fancy stuff that serves no purpose, and at the end of the month this smart buying will amount to a hefty amount of cash saved.

4. Enforces Discipline

create discipline through one meal a day
I don’t know if you will become able to do this exact move, but your discipline level will skyrocket, that’s for sure.

Similar to any other fasting, with OMAD there’s a psychological facet involved that it has to do with mental resilience and discipline.

Especially if you were accustomed to eat multiple times a day with no restrain, you will find that this diet will strengthen your ability to endure and control your impulses, as you cannot stretch your hand to grab your favorite snacks because for this to work you have to face your hunger, though these effects will be cushioned by the large quantity of food that’ll fill you up.

This constantly challenges your old habits while replacing them with new, healthy ones and at the end of this initial struggle you will find yourself to have become a better, more disciplined version of you.

5. More Free Time!

This perk is a godsend in today’s busy and buzzing society that knows no rest, I tell you.

You’ll have to cook just once a day, hell even once a week if you’re doing this with a good meal prep strategy! imagine how much time you’re saving, why wasting it cooking every single meal for the day, when you could use these extra hours to do something you love, something productive or focusing on things you care about?

Think about it: washing ingredients, chopping them up, not to mention that different ingredients take different time to cook and certain sauces and methods of cooking take AGES, especially if you’re not that skillful of a chef, it’s a headache and a lot of time that flies by without you knowing, not worth it.

6. Enhanced Clarity & Focus

Information flowing through your brain
These are your neural pathways when your brain is in a complete state of flow, supposedly, at least.

One of the benefits that people noticed the most while following the one meal a day diet, is the improved concentration and clarity that comes with it, this effect is also found in other variations of fasting as well, this article from NCBI goes in-depth about this issue.

Isn’t that awesome that just a shift in diet and lifestyle brings you this edge over life? having a mind that is able to function at its best with haste, readiness and with an unshakable focus while being able to retain more information when the needs arise, could make the world of a difference.

This newfound clarity will also go a long way and spread goodness to every part of your body, since your state of being depends by that symbiotic bond between your mind and body, Mens sana in corpore sano (a healthy mind in a healthy body!) right?

7. Eating One Meal A Day Increases Energy & Productivity

one meal a day makes you more productive and energetic

This benefit gets noticed the most by people who follow this diet and fasting in general because is quick to take place. With this approach you’ll learn to naturally function on an empty stomach, this teaches your body to sustain itself with its own energy, instead of using food as fuel.

The great thing about this is that you can pair this feeling with caffeine, this works in your favor in two ways, by curbing your appetite until it’s meal time and to further empower your energy and productive ability.

Unlike any other diet that oftentimes leaves you irritated or angry you will instead feel these awesome spikes in energy and productivity especially in the mornings, so be sure to convert this power and get some work done!

8. You Will See Food Differently

Are you stuffing your face with an ungodly amount of junk food? If yes, do you even care about it? no right? I thought so.

Mindless eating it’s a sickness, you’re stuffing your mouth just for the sake of doing so, but when switching to one meal a day you’ll have that one dish a day and that’s it. By doing so you’ll learn to appreciate your food more and hopefully feel some gratitude for it.

Eating out of frustration or boredom not only it’s not healthy but it can give you a warped view of food, as just a “tool” to keep at bay bad things or emotions and this could lead to obesity if not careful, when in reality you should approach food as a ritual and a regenerating activity, not as a way to cope.

9. Grants You A Flexible Lifestyle

cheat meals and fun with friends are possible on a

Contrary to other rigid diets where lots of restrictions on food are in place, you could literally eat anything you want once a day and there goes your meal, as long as your macros and calories are all where they should be.

What I’m saying here is that you could enjoy more cheat meals or nights out with your buddies compared to when you’re on other diets (though I will always be pushing for you to consume quality food, not trash)

10. Its Simplicity

Another great thing about it is that it’s pretty straightforward and simple to follow, and the effectiveness of it lies, in fact, in its simplicity.

You won’t have to scratch your head while following weird rules, just take into consideration when to break your fast, and the quality of the food you’re eating and you’re good to go.

I would personally advise you to include lots of vegetables and proteins in it, with some whole grains (so carbohydrates) in lesser quantity.

11. Leads To A Stronger Immune System

one meal a day can boost your immune system, making you stronger against cold

Any type of prolonged fasting (but in this particular study from the NCBI starts from 48h minimum) can help your body expel toxins you wouldn’t be otherwise able to flush out and might even lead to some level of cellular regeneration and make you more resistant to stress.

This allows you to be better equipped against the cold, flu or other illnesses as well as making you more prone to avoid them altogether, who doesn’t want to boost their immune system?

Conclusion & Tips

Although eating once a day could greatly aid you in losing fat and grant you this sleeve of incredible benefits, it may not be the best (while it still works fine!) when trying to put on size and muscle mass, the reason being that you might not be able to consume the needed amount of protein in a day, for your body to encourage muscle growth in just one sitting, and even because the size of the meal is supposed to fill you up completely.

One way you could circumnavigate this is to reduce the portion of fibers and carbs to make more space for extra proteins (legumes, meat, fish, cheese, be creative!) but still, this is not a final solution to the flaw of this diet.

The following statement applies especially if you’re an advanced lifter, this problem does not concern beginners and intermediates as much.

Let me know in the comments if you’ve already tried the omad diet and what benefits have you reaped\things you’ve noticed about it, if not, express your thoughts on the article, and if are you going to try fasting, or this diet anytime soon.

Take care!