Diets Are Useless, Here’s Why

Diets, ugh.

A method to lose weight that i despise and find stupid as hell, and let me tell you why:

It’s useless.

Yeah, i said it.
Now what? Feel free to come at me, i’ll smash your arguments.

But first, let me tell you why i think like this:

I also say this in my Fitness Guide for Everyone , when we approach the subject where i assist you in changing your lifestyle.

What i basically say is that i don’t want you to see fitness as something “forced” where you don’t like what you eat or you feel restricted, when it comes to certain kind of foods.

And that’s what diets basically do.

They force you to eat in a specific way, while including some foods & excluding others.

And i don’t feel like it’s the right approach, the human body after all it’s designed to thrive off a mixed balance of foods & nutrients.

Instead I want you to adopt the perspective of “healthy eating” where you eat a bit of EVERYTHING which is aimed to make your body feel good and function like it’s supposed to function!

So it doesn’t lack on the nutritional front, and you still enjoy your damn food.

Come on, after all we’ve got only one life, why should someone be restrictive on their foods when it comes to being fitter and healthier, when you can easily achieve the same (if not better) results, by eating a well-balanced diet?

Don’t get me wrong I UNDERSTAND the purpose of diets and i see why some people would benefit from them, but that usually applies just to short-term goals\results.

Some diets, in the long run are not really that healthy for your body, and spirit. 😉

So before you consider implementing a diet, ask yourself first if it’s really the right approach for you and your goals.

After all we’re all different, and in the end one should do what’s best for him\her and their particular situation.

Though I stay firm on the opinion that diets, overall, are useless!

HAH, have a good one, and if you liked this post please share it with your friends, or hell, even challenge my thoughts down in the comments,

I’ll be happy to roast you.

Take care.

Now It’s The Best Time To Start Taking Care Of Yourself & Your Body, Here’s How:

If you are in the same situation as me, quarantine it’s fully in effect now, why not use this time to get ahead of others AND yourself?

Taking care of that (soon to be) beautiful body of yours it’s the first step to feel better with yourself.

Now you can’t say that you don’t have time to watch what you eat, or hell, that you don’t have time for working out.


And if you’re still finding some, then you’re hopeless.

THIS, my friend, is the most “perfect” occasion, void of any mirrors to climb on.

And let me tell you how to roughly start, IF you really care about your life and health:

  • Don’t fall prey to “the comfort” of saying something like : “well, the world is about to end so i can eat trash” No. Eat REAL, NUTRITIOUS FOODS.
  • Start moving, having to be inside it’s no excuse to not to train. Instead, it can be super harmful if you don’t.
  • Stop wasting your time watching Netflix.
  • Build your body so it’s more resilient – working out it’s one of the known ways to strengthen your immune system.
  • Use this long (trust me, it will be long) window of opportunity to make those changes you wanted to see.

People will not recognize you once this is all over, in a good way of course.

Trust me, not only you will do a favor to your life but you will be more “prepared” if this ugly virus will hit you.

And if you have no idea on how to start, hear me out.

Because of this coronavirus situation i believe EVERYONE should be healthier, since having a body able to withstand the sickness it’s a must.



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Is Walking Effective When Trying To Lose Fat? How To Use It & Why You’re Missing Out

Walking it’s the first “complex” movement that we engage in since birth – did you know you can benefit from it even in your adult life?

Walking it’s the simplest movement as a human you could do,
And you don’t have excuses to push in some walking time under the sun in your day, another reason to get some of that good Vitamin D (or in the rain, it boosts your immune system!).

30 minutes it’s the minimum – but you could do with even less, or more!

And it’s great to cut off a few calories, because it’s something ANYONE can do!

You can even modify it to make it more effective, by brisk-walking, or by contracting your abs and it turns into a sort of low-impact cardio, and that means EVEN MORE Kcal’s gone!

Isn’t that amazing?

Think walking as a tool to complement your workout routines, or why not, even as something you can start with, if you’re new to fitness.

If you implement it in your daily activities, your overall physical performance will improve over time – and you will notice the compounding effects of it pretty soon – both in how you look and feel!


Want to know the other countless benefits that walking can provide you with?

Let me know, and i’ll give you my personal tips & tweaks for walking more efficiently and to make it more fun! 😀

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Take care!