An Amazing (Free) Tool You’re NOT Using To Increase Your Website Traffic

Every new (or even seasoned) blogger\website owner at some point in time will ask itself this biblical question:

How The Hell Do I Increase My Website’s Traffic?

every blogger ever

Well you don’t need to worry no more, today I’m going to give you a free, underrated tool that you can use starting now to increase your clicks, conversions and overall traffic to your website, along with some very useful resources you can buy (affiliates) to help you along in your journey.

The mysterious tool I’m talking about is Pinterest.

I personally use Pinterest to increase the reach of my blogposts, guides and products…but why do I say that is underrated? Well you see, people use Pinterest mostly as a social media-but while it is indeed one, they miss the hidden potential that Pinterest holds…and that is:

Is a “Visual” Search Engine

And by visual I mean that all the content on Pinterest is structured in a way that looks very catchy in the user’s eyes, and you can understand how powerful this is if one can craft his\her pins in the proper way—exactly, CLICKS AND CONVERSION FEST!

Pinterest is not just about DIY, craft ideas and food recipes or workout routines!

You can literally drive millions more views to your:

  • Blog
  • Website
  • Social Media
  • E-commerce store (i.e. shopify)
  • Products you sell

You can increase your website traffic & make more money as a byproduct (with ads, clicks on your site ecc..) once you make an attractive pin for, let’s say, your newest blogpost, in a manner that is interesting for your audience. And the beauty is that Pinterest, (like Twitter, Facebook or Instagram) Is completely FREE but it’s much more of a powerful ally. 

So, in the end If you want more views on your website then you NEED to master the unlimited potential Pinterest has, and since so few people as of now use this site like it should be used, you should consider doing so. 

The only thing for you left to do is to carefully learn and grip the ropes of this awesome site, which may not be very intuitive at first, I admit, so in order to exploit the incredible power of this tool you could find useful a complete guide on Pinterest that tells you EXACTLY how to craft magnificent pins and teaches you all the secrets on how to use Pinterest for maximum traffic gain.

Take this opportunity if you really want to bring your traffic game to a whole new level.

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Now go there and kill it, and let me know  what you think in the comments about this post, did you know that Pinterest held this much potential? Are you already using it? What do you think about it?

Take care!

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