The Most Flexible Fitness Workout Plan To Do At Home (With modifications)

You’re in need of a free Fitness Workout Plan you can follow at home, that is sure to bring you results regardless if you’re a beginner or advanced? I got you covered.

This training routine can be done anywhere, since it’s a week-long workout plan you can do at home with no equipment whatsoever, it’s all composed of bodyweight exercises, I even added various exercises modifications to suit your fitness levels, it’s a full body workout you can keep repeating over time and gradually make more challenging IF you wish so.

You can use this plan to lose weight & build muscle from the comfort of your home. And if you’re looking for YET ANOTHER workout routine to switch things up take a look at this one as well.

Let’s start by splitting your muscle groups in between days:

Full Bodyweight At Home 1 Week Workout Program

Monday: Push Day (Upper Body, Arms)

We’ll start this day with exercises that include motions for mostly your arms, your pecs and shoulders, from now on choose the difficulty level that you can handle.

  • [Warm-Up] Important, especially if you’re new to exercise, NEVER skip it.
  • [Beginner] – Classic Planks x30 secs / [Intermediate] – Planks x Until Failure/ [Advanced] – One Leg Plank (both sides) x Until Failure. Repeat for two times.
  • [Beginner] – Pushups x10 (If you can’t do a pushup switch to the knee version) / [Intermediate] – Pushups x20 / [Advanced] – Elevated Pushup x20. Repeat twice.
  • [Beginner] –  Assisted Dips x10 / [Intermediate] – Chair Dips x20 / [Advanced] Dips x20 (Feet not touching the ground, use two stools) Repeat twice.
  • [Beginner] – Military Press x15 (Assisted with table) / [Intermediate] Military Press x15 (Bodyweight, on the ground) / [Advanced] Elevated Military Press x15. Repeat twice with a 1 minute rest in between.
  • [No Difficulty Levels] Shadowbox For 10 Minutes straight, DONE!

Tuesday: Abs (Core) Day

Your abdominal muscles need to be trained and developed as well as ANY other muscles contrary to what people say, because a lot of the power that your body generates actually comes from here, your core, so you can see why it’s important to not neglect their training.

  • [Warm-Up] Important
  • [Beginner] – Crunches x15 / [Intermediate] Crunches x30 / [Advanced] Weighted Crunches x30.
  • [Beginner] – Sit-ups x15 / [Intermediate] Sit-ups x30 / [Advanced] V-Ups x30.
  • [Beginner] – Flutter Kicks x15 / [Intermediate] Flutter Kicks x1 Minute / [Advanced] Scissors Sit Ups x1 Minute.
  • [Beginner] – Supermans x15 (Arms behind your head, arms and feet NOT elevated) / [Intermediate] – Supermans x15 (Arms and legs extended and keep them elevated) / [Advanced] – Supermans Side to Side x15 (Hold a weight in your hands).
  • [Beginner] – Elbow Plank x1 Minute /[Intermediate] Side Plank x1 Minute (switch sides next round) / [Advanced] Hollow Hold x1 Minute.

Repeat this circuit 3 times.

Wednesday: Is Leg Day!

The next part of our full body workout with no equipment, since here at Stormy Nook we’re not fans of having chicken legs, you can expect this day to be a stupendous one for gains.

  • [Beginner] – Squat/Assisted Squat x15 (Use a chair for support if you need) / [Intermediate] – Squats x30 / [Advanced] – Jump Squat x20 (make it slow and controlled).
  • [Beginner] – Lunges\Assisted Lunges x20 / [Intermediate] – Side Lunges x20 / [Advanced] Cossack Squats x Until Failure.
  • [Beginner] – Bulgarian Split Squat x10 (each leg, use chair if needed) [Intermediate]- Walking Lunges x1 minutes, (repeat twice, no rest) / [Advanced] Hindu Squats x30
  • [Beginner] – Side Leg Raises x10 (both legs) / [Intermediate] Sumo Squats x25 Failure / [Advanced] – Sumo Squats x Until Techinal Failure (until you can’t do more of the exercises with proper form).
  • [Beginner] – Go for a HIIT finisher with 3 Minutes of Jumping Jacks / [Intermediate] – HIIT finisher of High Knees / [Advanced] – Finish with 2 minutes of Star Jumps OR Jumping Lunges.

Thursday: Rest Day

Don’t stay still on the couch though, go for a walk or do something lighter.


Friday: Full Body/Cardio Day

Let’s end the week while engaging every muscle group at our disposal with a full body workout! they increase body-mind coordination when done properly and are a great way to do fitness at home, plus you’ll be working multiple parts of your body at the same time, isn’t that neat?

  • [Warm-up]
  • [Beginner] Pushups x15 (If you can’t  switch to the knees) / [Intermediate] Judo Pushups x15 / [Advanced] – Elevated Pushups x20.
  • [Beginner] Mountain Climbers x1 minute (slow) / [Intermediate] Mt. Climbers x1 minute (FAST) / [Advanced] Side to side Mountain Climbers x1 Minute.
  • [Beginner] Back Lunges x20 (can use chair) / [Intermediate] Power Skips x20 / [Advanced] Squat Jacks x 25.
  • [Beginner] Wide Grip Pushups x15 (on knees if needed) / [Intermediate] Wide Grip Pushups x20 / [Advanced] Elevated Wide Grip Pushups x20
  • [Beginner] Side Plank x1 minute (30 sec each side) / [Intermediate] Side Plank x2 minutes (1 min each side) / [Advanced] Elevated\weighted Leg Side Plank x2 minutes (1 min each side, switch leg or put a consistent weight on your hips)
  • [Beginner] Burpees x1 min (with no jump) / [Intermediate] Burpees x1 min / [Advanced] Burpees With a Pushup x1 min.   –  Repeat three times with a little rest in between.
  • Done.


You can use and repeat this weekly workout plan if you’re new to fitness or just want to try something fresh, this program is amazing for keeping you in shape, for losing that stubborn belly fat and even for building muscle.

If you’ve liked it and want to get more workouts like this, stay tuned and let me know in the comments, or just grab my Fitness Guide For Dummies which has ALL my knowledge and secrets in it, and covers every aspect for you to start to lose fat, build muscle and look sexy and healthy, from every nitty-gritty aspect of healthy eating and nutrition to a complete training plan just for you, in an easy to understand way that goes straight to the meat and potatoes of it all.

Thanks for reading, let me know if this has helped you.