How A Simple Act Of Kindness Can Open The Door To Outstanding Success.

Most people forget that before you are given ANYTHING in life, be it money, peace of mind, love, attention ecc…

You have to give first.

There’s no such thing at something for nothing.

Some examples:
Before you can have money you have to provide value.
Before to be loved, you have to love.
Before to be understood, you have to understand.
Before you take, you must give.

In the end it all boils down to be… selfless,

Doing things for an higher good, just to shed light on people’s lives. Without agendas, without any scruples.

And that is difficult.

That’s why you see a lot of people NOT getting what they want, because they can’t even do this.

How are you supposed to be given anything with such a selfish mindset?

That’s when & how the universe WILL recognize that you’re “worthy” of things such as success and positivity – and it will be sending this good your way.


When you have given, first.

Don’t Be Afraid to Look Stupid.

And this holds true especially when you’re trying to learn.

Someone may laugh at you, sure.
You’ll blush for a little while, sure.
You may seem stupid in the moment, why not.

But… are you, stupid?

You’ll get your question answered, your doubts cleared, and you even get the chance to approach whatever seemed daunting to you in a more lighthearted and confident way. That doesn’t seem stupid to me.

I think that “looking stupid” it’s the first step towards truly mastering yourself, or your craft. Do you think that important people throughout history were cherished and taken seriously from the get-go?

Fuck no.

If you were a random person, back in the past, would you have taken seriously the idea of the not-yet-affirmed Thomas Edison to put electricity, something thought abstract, into a bulb and then into everything? You’ll probably laugh at him and discard his idea as one of a fool.

But now, knowing what Edison has done…who would be the fool?

What i’m trying to say is not to take yourself too seriously.

Be open to mistakes, to be able to laugh at yourself without lingering on your embarrassing moments.

You’ll see that in this way you not only will give others the impression of someone who is approachable, humble & genuine – you’ll even find yourself be able to grow faster without the worry of stumbling over your failures.

You’re expected to make mistakes at the start, and even further down the line! – nobody is born knowing everything.

And as always,

Take care,


A Few useful and surefire ways to stay focused

“You need to focus, concentrate dammit!” How many times have you heard these words (or something similar) towards you accompanied by a flying book straight to your forehead? be it from your teachers or your parents-they all say to focus but nobody really taught us to do so isn’t it? Well, that’s why i’m here ;D

Laser-like Focus it’s the element that can make WORLDS of difference when it comes to attaining anything relevant and worthwhile in your life. How do you think top class athletes and scientists that make groundbreaking discoveries make all this possible? by snoozing and having their minds and attention wandering all day? Sure, if you’re talking about someone i’ve never heard of.

In this day and age everyone – starting from people, friends and family and going to big tech companies accompanied by their useless noise (social media, news, TV, ecc..) – is looking to monopolize your attention. (see? i just did that) Why? because they know it’s very valuable, while you don’t, and waste it. What if you actually stopped chasing useless things and instead tried to stay silent with a goal in mind? Let me give you some useful tips to make this easier.

Environment and Planning

They say that the environment you swim in reflects what you are and what you will be, and that’s true to an extent – that’s why you should do everything you can to bend it to your needs by:

  • Making your work environment like a top-secret military base, people need some kind of clearance to access it so they won’t bother you. BE A MAD SCIENTIST, WAHAHA!
  • Have your workspace tidy and smell good. It calms your nerves.
  • Open the windows and let the air flow.
  • Specify or write down all the tasks you need to do for the day and tackle them with a 50min work and 10min rest tempo – or however it works for you.
  • Big tasks in the morning, lighter ones in the evening.
  • Turn off your phone and disconnect from the Internet if not required to do work.

Mindset and Planning (2)

  • For the day(s) you need to concentrate be sure to not have any kind of commitments to other people. Maintaining that focus streak is key to later build a habit!
  • Be excited. Of course you need to have a reason to this, so i hope you’re working on something that resonates with you.
  • Approach the tasks with “the sooner I do it, the better” mindset. It’ll give you a weird (aka guilt?) boost.

Extra but priceless!

  • Stay hydrated. By doing so you ensure that all your bodily functions are in top notch shape and can work properly, 2L a day is ideal.
  • Have a snack for when it gets rough. Carbs = Sugars = Energy, Easy.
  • Cut off the noise with some good music or white noise, if you’re like me. It really puts me in “the zone”.
  • Motivation. I wouldn’t use it too much because i consider it a feeble force, but sometimes a quick burst of it from some motivational videos could do the trick.
  • Breathe. Deeply. This allows your blood to flow and your nerves to relax, some meditation before doing the work is even better.
  • Remember to stretch\do some push-ups between breaks! Just do it.

There are many more tips i could list, but these’ll have to do for today – can’t put all my eggs in one basket after all!

Tell me if some of these tips actually helped you, and how you usually keep yourself in check when it comes to focus, i’d love to hear your take!

Take care,