A Thing All Men Need To Start Doing NOW.

Do i REALLY need to explain this to you?

Ok, great – let me be blunt as always then, so you’ll get it through that thick skull of yours:


And you can act offended or do whatever the hell you want, but that’s reality.

See, if you’re the “”Man”” described above how would you:

  • Protect Yourself & Your Loved ones?
  • React to what life throws at you?
  • Carry yourself with PRIDE?
  • Be able to be a SOLID & Strong Role-Model For Your Children?
  • Lead Your Family in case of Danger?

THAT is why physical prowess it’s a MUST, for a Man.

And there is not shame in not being YET strong.

The only shame it’s to REMAIN that way.

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Are You Ashamed To Be A Man? Consider Owning It Instead.

Society’s warped ideas don’t apply to you.

Their distortion of what a man should be makes you sick and makes you wonder where we’re coming to.

And that’s understandable.

The reason for this is because you still have values and standards, something they don’t have.

You realize that being a Man it’s not easy, it’s not something you can really explain, is it?

After all, we don’t have it easy since the day we’re born.

And that’s how it should be.
Embrace the pain, the discomfort, for that is how we thrive.

A man doesn’t look for attention,
Nor recognition.

A man is a silent mountain that carries the ones he loves,
Weathers the cutting gales,
While doing what’s right and just
Stands up with pride.

5 Powerful Ways To Skyrocket Your Testosterone Levels Naturally.

If you didn’t know by now – Testosterone is THE MOST important hormone for Men.

It defines who we are and it regulates a lot of functions within our body and it’s basically a “Masculinity bar” 😀 SO,
We can safely say that the more you have, the better you feel!

Here’s 5 effective ways that can help you boost that hormonal goodness right away:


Research has shown that the highest levels of testosterone happen during REM sleep, the deep, restorative sleep that occurs mostly late in the nightly sleep cycle.

Your sleep needs to be DEEP and “restorative” set strict rules in place in order to do so, ditch your blue light-emitting screens (Smartphone, PC, TV ecc..) AT LEAST 2 hours before bed, stick to the same bed-time in order to not mess up your circadian cycle and sleep in complete darkness.

Not doing all that can easily disrupt your ability to make testosterone while sleeping.


Lifting weights or doing other strength-training workouts it’s confirmed to have a big effect on increasing your testosterone, you can look it up for more details!They’ve done yet another researches on this topic.


For starters, it’s not good for your overall health, and that should be enough reason for you to stop.

Then it has been proved that consuming sugar has a detrimental effect on your T-levels.


Another thing that is BAD for your body.

Alcohol in general it’s a no-no,
But should put the focus on avoiding beer, the most. Why you ask? it’s packed full of estrogens, THE female hormone.

And that doesn’t help when trying to amp up your T!


Now, this might be weird for you especially if you’re new to the topic but …

A small 2001 study found elevated testosterone levels in participants who abstained from masturbation for three weeks.

So that’s that.
Avoid spilling your “essence” you know? doesn’t hurt to try in my opinion.

(if you want to know more about this topic i’ve briefly introduced it here )

Take care.

How To Harness Amazing Power As A Man: Anger

Motivation? Bull.
Gratitude? Yeah, it helps.
Discipline? Sure, whatever.

I’ve extensively talked about those things and how they can help you in life but…today’s topic it’s something i think it’s exclusive to Men, which i have briefly talked about in this article. That doesn’t mean that women can’t feel anger don’t get me wrong – but we are more prone and seem to channel this feeling better than our female counterpart.

I mean, look at history! most warriors were men, and for a good reason. We’re wired for conquest, achievement, physical strength and…consequential anger, no matter whatever people might think. Have you seen those movies where the main character (a man) – take John Wick as a “modern” example or James Bond – gets everything taken away from him and then he automatically gets on revenge-mode? NO ONE can stop him.

And that’s not just because it’s a movie and it’s meant to go that way, this happens in real life too.

Ever seen a man who got bullied in school\dumped by the girlfriend he loved get a monster’s physique the year later or succeeding in his endeavors, and suddenly it seems like he’s a totally different person? You got it, that’s because of ANGER.

And even YOUR Anger, if you can harness it properly it’s going to shoot you towards your goals. But you need to have a reason to your anger, it’s not just like because you spilled your drink on your suit you suddenly feel anger, that’s stupid stuff.

You must have a real, profound reason to this anger – it must be a constant raging fire inside you, which you can control and redirect.

Not to destroy, mind you, because it’s dangerous – but to create. Think deeply about it, what’s something that you find enraging and you wish it went a different way? maybe it’s because someone who you think is a fool has something you don’t and crave, i don’t know, wealth, that dream car or whatever and you start thinking: “why is that incredible awesome me does not have that, and that ridiculous fool does”? – maybe your anger spurs because you want to repay back those who’ve hurt you in the past and let them see what you can become, that’s another good reason.

Maybe you’re angry because you’re in a situation you spite and can’t give back to your parents that have always provided for you the peace of mind and of finances they deserve.

Whatever might be for you. Feel the Rage.

Every day when you wake up, when you’re scaling that business, going through the motions, lifting that weight, look at your goals with a mean stare. Feel the injustice of your state of being and destroy the obstacles that stand on your path with it.

Society nowadays it’s blasting you in the face with material containing a weak, tranquil and oftentimes emasculated man – stray from that, because that’s how you WILL NOT be what you’re meant to be, don’t be fooled, Men are meant to be angry and obsessed with a Purpose! anger nowadays it’s framed as a negative feeling, while for a Man it’s a positive and essential feeling. It becomes negative only when it’s uncontrolled, remember that.

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Take care,


The Only Thing That Matters When It Comes To Success

What is it, you ask? read on.

You can make all the money you want, if you have the necessary skillset.
Dammit, you can make ANYTHING when it comes to material resources.


That’s the only thing that doesn’t come back and that YOU SHOULD VALUE.

Everyone who aims to make more money in life doesn’t do it so he can have more money, right?

It’s because he\she wants more time.
To concentrate on the things that matters the most.


How are YOU using your time? are you wasting it by playing videogames, watching TV Or by not building something great, or procrastinating?