A Short Fitness Motivation Story: My Experience.

So, months ago I’ve injured my shoulder and arm, nothing TOO serious, mind you …

BUT still, it was annoying to the point I couldn’t train like I wanted to, and exercises were painful. What did I do? I kept on working out…

So I’ve thought: “Well, this is going to stay with me for a while, how do I approach this? I sure as hell don’t wanna lose my progress.”

I then decided to undertake a LESS demanding workout routine, consisted of a mix of rehab exercises (stretch, mobility ecc..)

WHILE keeping the strength part challenging (maintenance) with the focus on not worsening my injury.

Can you see what i’m trying to say?

I formulated a plan in order for me to not have excuses and be complacent, an actionable plan, based off my situation.

I didn’t think “Oh well, now I can’t train anymore” – that would’ve been an easy, poor EXCUSE.

I could’ve just given up and stay on the sofa all day, eating chips & watching Netflix…

But i didn’t.


Your mind WILL do everything to avoid doing hard things, will YOU let it win this battle?

Don’t Compare Yourself To Others: Your Fitness Journey Isn’t Supposed To Be Easy And Linear.

This applies to life in general, as well!

You’re not supposed to sail a sea that’s always smooth and serene, you can get caught in whirlpools or damn, even sink!

That’s why when you first embark on your fitness journey the first skill you need to develop is patience.

Along with not being obsessed by the scale, hell- the scale should be YOUR LAST CONCERN! It’s not a reflection of your progress.

It happens to miss one or two workouts,
It happens to indulge in that heavenly doughnuts from time to time,
It happens not having energy to move.


You have to understand that it’s all a process, and the important part is that you always get back on the horse, even when you fall.

It’s simple, really:
If you miss a workout, don’t make it two!
If you have a cheat meal, DON’T make it two!

Consistency is the name of the game.
The more you’re consistent with your efforts, the more results you are going to see.

And i understand that for someone who’s just starting this might be difficult, i was there too.

We all don’t know what we’re doing, especially at the beginning. That’s why i wrote a simple guide that will help you get in shape.

No useless information,
Straight to the point, it has EVERYTHING you need to know.

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