Their Perception of You

Today I’ve stumbled upon a tweet that gave me the idea of sharing this thought with you, it’s not a topic which I discuss much, but it falls in the same category of my topics anyway.

So fuck it.

Have you ever felt that you didn’t care about what others thought, at first, about you?

But suddenly, at some point…you started questioning whether people liked you or not? whether the one who they’re talking about behind your back is you after all?

This happens for a multitude of reasons, in a circle of friends as example, maybe you started to like their company and you’re concerned about how they feel about you.

Maybe you are not the most “open” of individuals when it comes to your feelings and this made you question if you actually made a genuine connection with them.

Or maybe you’re just a damn snitch.

Whatever the case might be, it’s not always their fault like it’s not always yours.

But Perception is something that CAN be manipulated and shaped, when you first start to know someone. The first impression others have of you, after all, is something you can control, and that’s why you should take it into consideration.

The thing is that a lot of people when it comes to their first impression act in two different, distinct ways:

  1. They put on a facade.
  2. They’re actually themselves.

You usually don’t want to go for the first one if you’re trying to build a genuine connection. Because if you’re putting on a Mask and later on can’t be consistent with what you first gave others…that is going to result in people NOT trusting you.

Being yourself instead can go both ways. Either they like you for who you are, or they don’t.

If they know who you are from the start, uncertainties and bad feelings between each other are not AS important.

What if you’re not very direct, and can’t express yourself with people instead? THAT is when problems with their Perception arise.

You’ll be categorized as weird, because you haven’t made your position very clear, and this might tick off a lot of people. Mistaking your lack of social skills\interaction with an “air of superiority”. This can lead to awful social consequences, especially in a group you’re forced to be in (school, work, ecc..).

Perception is set in stone. Once you give off a certain vibe, you can hardly change it later on.

That’s why I believe that the “Don’t Care what others think” mindset is a flawed one. Sure, you shouldn’t concern yourself with their thoughts and you should go your own way, but ignoring COMPLETELY how others perceive you could have disastrous consequences and it’s not very smart.

Navigating a smoothER sea is better than sailing a stormy one, so don’t do yourself a disservice since this could affect your “inner path” as well, not just how others see you.

That’s all. I hope this helped you in some way. If it did, share it with your friends. You’ll be doing me a solid.
Take care.