The 3 Most Important Qualities Of An Outstanding Leader

Whether you believe it or not, leaders are the pulsating heart of society, and that’s a fact.

Things happen because of them, people are moved and follow in their footsteps…they’re a guiding light, even.

But little do you know, there could be one inside you as well! and even if there isn’t one yet, you can start cultivating these qualities that I’m now going to reveal to you.

So what are the qualities of a TRUE leader?
Let’s discover the most important ones together:

1) A Leader… Inspires.

Be it directly or indirectly, leaders are known to be inspiring forces.

Leaders NEVER put others down or look down on them, instead, they lift them up, and unite everyone under a common goal, an objective.

They make their burning passion irradiate through everyone around them, so they get caught into the leader’s bigger picture with unparalleled enthusiasm and investment.

The “followers” – pass me the term- suddenly feel like they’re working towards their own vision! and, in a sense, it truly is theirs too.

2) Decisiveness.

Leaders are known for their ability to make quick, ruthless decisions.

To keep their cool and not to lose a minute, while never stuttering when arriving to important conclusions.

This quality is what makes a leader attractive, charismatic but most of all, RELIABLE.

Being decisive is what makes people believe that you are a person worthy of trust and with the capacity to lead, since you don’t lose yourself in trifles.

This quality is intertwined with their resolute nature, but while this trait is good, it’s not inherently effective, since it also goes hand in hand with impatience, this could be a dangerous mix.

But after all, leaders are humans too, and they can make mistakes, so don’t be too stuck up on that.

3)Not Afraid Of Getting “Dirty”

Good Leader vs. Bad Leader: 5 Situations that make all the difference

“Good leaders lead from the front whenever times are challenging, but when it comes to reaping the rewards they remain behind, leaving the praise to the team and not them.”

I don’t remember where I heard it, but these words had a big impact on how I defined who’s a leader and who isn’t.

The phrase might not be exact, as I’ve tweaked it a bit – but you get the essence of it.

What that means is that in times of need, leaders are capable to push through any hurdles and coordinate their efforts with those of the team, while maintaining the standards of a kindhearted person & of an outstanding leader, paving the path for those who’ll come next.

The next leaders, that is.

Yet, when it’s time to celebrate, even if some merit should be bestowed upon the leader, he chooses instead to leave the spotlight for those who’ve helped him.

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