Don’t Be Afraid to Look Stupid.

And this holds true especially when you’re trying to learn.

Someone may laugh at you, sure.
You’ll blush for a little while, sure.
You may seem stupid in the moment, why not.

But… are you, stupid?

You’ll get your question answered, your doubts cleared, and you even get the chance to approach whatever seemed daunting to you in a more lighthearted and confident way. That doesn’t seem stupid to me.

I think that “looking stupid” it’s the first step towards truly mastering yourself, or your craft. Do you think that important people throughout history were cherished and taken seriously from the get-go?

Fuck no.

If you were a random person, back in the past, would you have taken seriously the idea of the not-yet-affirmed Thomas Edison to put electricity, something thought abstract, into a bulb and then into everything? You’ll probably laugh at him and discard his idea as one of a fool.

But now, knowing what Edison has done…who would be the fool?

What i’m trying to say is not to take yourself too seriously.

Be open to mistakes, to be able to laugh at yourself without lingering on your embarrassing moments.

You’ll see that in this way you not only will give others the impression of someone who is approachable, humble & genuine – you’ll even find yourself be able to grow faster without the worry of stumbling over your failures.

You’re expected to make mistakes at the start, and even further down the line! – nobody is born knowing everything.

And as always,

Take care,