5 Powerful Ways To Decompress From Stress

Tough times are upon us and the need to find a bit of quiet or just being able to “let loose” it’s something important.

Let me give you my 5 personal ways i use to melt that awful feeling from my body and mind.


Breathing it’s something we have do CONSTANTLY, of course.

It only seem natural that the thing we do the most to guarantee our survival it’s also the thing that can help us the most.

Yet we tend to forget how to properly breathe and instead we leave things to the autopilot.

That’s DUMB.
Yet we do it anyway.
Think of the countless benefits you could gain from this.

Take some time to concentrate on your breathing, 5 minutes can help too.

The longer, the better, the more relaxed you will be.


I will cover this topic more extensively in the future 😉 BUT!
Being able to “let go” to the fire of passion with your significant other can really help …smooth things out.

Because all of those “good things” *wink wink* actually help the production of good chemicals within your body.

And at the same time you’re creating a safe environment in which you are able to really blow off some steam (In a safe, loving way) with your partner.


Now this is something i’ve discovered recently but…

Chanting (a mantra, a prayer, whatever) can bring an innate and almost mystic sense of peace to your nerves.

While i’ll leave to your own consideration if that’s something of holy nature or else, the power of vibrations it’s known to have soothing effects on one’s mind. (Take white noise as example, it’s used to calm down fussy babies and honestly works for me too.)

Whether it’s for the vibrations or for the power of belief and prayers, this can surely help you.


This is a very common method to cope with stress, yet many people underplay it.

Working out it’s a great way to reset your mind and let go of that destructive and awful energy, hell, you could even have a better session than usual when you’re stressed!


And i want to put emphasis on “Alone”.

It has been researched that spending time in nature helps with fighting depression, since it’s an incredibly soothing activity.

So it makes sense that it can be used for when someone’s under a lot of pressure.

I personally go out for a good hour without any kind of music or distraction (no phone either), because that interferes with my feelings, and if i blast my ears with music i won’t be able to “sort out” whatever i’m feeling at the moment.

And nature can help bring me that much needed clarity and tranquillity i so desperately need.

Plus, you burn calories & get fresh air.

Win-win situation.

So what do you think of these ways? have you found them helpful? Let me know in the comments, and drop your own personal ways too!

Take care.

The Best First Date Ideas For Valentine’s Day (Or Every Other Day)

In This Digital Age all you ever think about is “Netflix & Chill”? or “Eating out” at a restaurant? Yeah throw those things in the trash and read what i’m about to tell you, you will thank me.

The things i’ve listed above are NOT REALLY exciting (except for when you jump into the…”action”) How are you supposed to know the whole essence of a person doing such boring and restrictive things? You’re lucky ’cause i got your back, bucko.

Here’s The Best First Date Ideas:

1)A Good ‘Ol Fashioned PicnicWith a Twist.

Exactly, you can NEVER go wrong with this (if there’s good weather at least) and if you and your partner are feeling a bit adventurous you can give it a twist – by choosing a mountain\hill as the place to go to.

Parks are ok but are boring and not always clean.

Would you rather look at others or at a breathtaking view in silence?

COME ON! Also, make sure to prepare some unexpected (but doable) food that she\he wouldn’t never expect to find at a picnic.

Have fun with it.

2)Fairs, Fairs, Fairs!

Be on the lookout for some interesting local fairs you can spend a few hours in.

They’re usually packed of things you can never imagine! and that could bring up some nice conversation topics.

You could discover exciting things about each other that might surprise you.

And there’s always cotton candy, or some kind of piping hot beverage to slurp, so it’s all set!

3)Martial Arts!?

As you may or may not know, i’m a sucker for Martial arts.

And i think that taking a class as a first date together can be awesome. You get to see each other’s fuck-ups (and that makes good memories and laughing moments).

You can use your “better” understanding of some forms so you can correct the other party – and you don’t need me to tell you that this is an excuse to make contact, build tension between you. 😉

And at the same time you both learn about a different culture, BOOM.

4)Cook At Home Date

It involves FOOD, it’s more fun than your simple and bland eating out.

Cooperation, you both decide what you cook & eat.
It’s an awesome bonding experience that can be re-used countless times even when in you’re a relationship.

You can divide the roles, so that someone prepares one thing while the other one prepares another.

Fun, Affordable, Easy AND Effective.
(And hopefully yummy!)


Listen, Karaoke is THE Icebreaker.

It’s so fun, and you can either go to a place or DIY at home. Another EASY and CHEAP option.
Singing is also incredibly bonding.

I was afraid of Karaoke, at first – but it’s a great way to express yourself and to let go, plus – you really will know each other’s soul (though i understand it may sound a bit cheesy) by doing so.

Trust me, singing with someone it’s a thousand times better than singing alone.

Let me know if you’re going to try one of these in the coming days!

Take care.