5 Red Flags To Spot Excessively Masculine Females When Dating

Whether you like them or not today I will give you 5 signs to look out for if you don’t want to date females disguised as males. There’s nothing wrong with liking them of course, BUT if you’re a man and you’re considering starting something that will seamlessly flow you might want to choose a woman that’s more feminine.

The reason being that by doing that polarity comes into play, unlike when dating masculine women. Remember that these red flags are to be taken as INDICATIONS and not to be treated as an Iron rule.

With that out of the way let’s cut to the chase and see what these are:

1)Masculine Females & Appearance

This is the first red flag, and for good reasons, since appearance is the first thing that catches your eye when meeting someone new, now appearance is both aesthetics and how someone carries itself, but for this time we only need to pay attention the first kind.

A masculine, not very feminine girl will usually have some of this aesthetic traits:

  • Short or very short hair
  • Not clean with a funny smell
  • Stacked or fat (exception made for BIG girls)
  • Dresses like a man
  • Moves like a raging rhino, with no grace
  • Has LOTS of visible tattoos
  • Has exaggerated piercings (earrings are not included ofc)
  • A boatload of make-up or 0 makeup whatsoever

2) The Way She Acts

When you’re going out with her, whether you’re alone or with someone else this is the second red flag you need to closely monitor, the reason being that this kind of girls have a predefined way in which they’ll act. If she’s obnoxious and loud, if she swears ALL the time and it seems to you that she probably lacks any kind of decency or self-respect, while treating you poorly like you’re some kind of circus animal…well, that might be enough proof to arouse some suspicion into you buddy and you better start running the fuck away because that’s not just masculine, but borderline sailor.

3) She Gossips About Others 

Now now, stay put for a second, I know that most women love gossip, even the feminine ones but…this is a special kind of flag just for you, the kind of gossip i’m referring to is the one that caters towards the hatred and judgement of others.

Usually, the most masculine females will judge and shoot their anger in a variety of ways to people that have one or more qualities they desperately wished they had instead, feminine women instead won’t have this necessity.

But beside that you wouldn’t want a person that is toxic to others by your side.

4) She Has LOTS Of… “Male Friends”

Come on, start screaming and typing like a mad lad in the comments, I couldn’t care less because reality is louder.

Masculine females are known to mostly “hang out with guys” I mean, if you’re searching for a bigger red flag than this you probably won’t find it, because this basically means they couldn’t form any bonds with any feminine girls so they had to turn to men because of their excessive masculine nature.

That, and she’s DEFINITELY getting a lot of …sleepovers with male friends who their names start with D.

5) She’s Against The Feminine

One thing is being indifferent to it, but when a female blows heat upon feminine qualities like: being soft, warm and gentle just for the sake of doing it that’s when problems arise. You better avoid females who can’t appreciate the feminine in all its forms because they’ll probably be hyper-masculine and they’ll go the extra mile to let you perceive them as NOT feminine.


What do you think of these flags? Would you add something else? Let me know, and share this article to save another fellow man!

Take care.

Photo by Chris Ross Harris on Unsplash



Lost Women & Clueless Men In A Nutshell.

Ever wondered why the number of single women (and men) in their 20’s & 30’s it’s skyrocketing, and IT WILL keep on doing so in the near future? The root of the problem it’s not complicated by all means, instead it’s easily solvable but it NEEDS to be addressed. Let me explain:


One of the more prominent reasons of this single tendency it’s surely due to this “fake freedom” aimed to fill the void (generated by whatever reason) with hookups and short-lived relationships.

Both Men & Women who do engage consistently in such behaviors are usually missing values, are hurt or do not find reasons to STICK with someone in the long run.

They’d rather fall prey to that feeble rush of dopamine and pleasure instead to look at the big picture.

This it’s even more notable on younger generations. So, little to no values AND personality = short lived relationships.

Sorry to break it to ya. (Not really)


This is something that MEN have to take full responsibility for.

While some of you ladies won’t admit it (The good and self-aware ladies will) Women love to be “directed”, to be given a path to follow, a world to fall into,

(And before you get triggered – this has nothing to do with being controlled or “equality” or being in a “lower position”, wake the f**k up and stop with that childish nonsense.)

If you’re ugly as her, that might be another reason why you’re single.

Women usually love a Man who can lead the way, someone to follow, who is strong and knows how to navigate life and take decisions.

But Women usually settle or won’t bother to find a man who can do all that BECAUSE THERE’S A LACK- of this kind of Men all around, Ambitionless men who wander the earth, ugh.

And end up in a relationship with a soft man or they rather not be in one at all.


One of the causes is that society it’s trying to steer the wheel towards a “sexless” society.

Men are being feminized, while being weak it’s now the norm,

And that can’t be good, as humanity has thrived all these years because of distinction between male AND female.

Because we both have our strengths and weaknesses, and we’re at the best of our abilities when we join and support each other in a caring and solid way.


There’s no shame in being weak,
But in remaining that way.

You’re flaccid and want to take your life by the balls, and take back control.

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The Best First Date Ideas For Valentine’s Day (Or Every Other Day)

In This Digital Age all you ever think about is “Netflix & Chill”? or “Eating out” at a restaurant? Yeah throw those things in the trash and read what i’m about to tell you, you will thank me.

The things i’ve listed above are NOT REALLY exciting (except for when you jump into the…”action”) How are you supposed to know the whole essence of a person doing such boring and restrictive things? You’re lucky ’cause i got your back, bucko.

Here’s The Best First Date Ideas:

1)A Good ‘Ol Fashioned PicnicWith a Twist.

Exactly, you can NEVER go wrong with this (if there’s good weather at least) and if you and your partner are feeling a bit adventurous you can give it a twist – by choosing a mountain\hill as the place to go to.

Parks are ok but are boring and not always clean.

Would you rather look at others or at a breathtaking view in silence?

COME ON! Also, make sure to prepare some unexpected (but doable) food that she\he wouldn’t never expect to find at a picnic.

Have fun with it.

2)Fairs, Fairs, Fairs!

Be on the lookout for some interesting local fairs you can spend a few hours in.

They’re usually packed of things you can never imagine! and that could bring up some nice conversation topics.

You could discover exciting things about each other that might surprise you.

And there’s always cotton candy, or some kind of piping hot beverage to slurp, so it’s all set!

3)Martial Arts!?

As you may or may not know, i’m a sucker for Martial arts.

And i think that taking a class as a first date together can be awesome. You get to see each other’s fuck-ups (and that makes good memories and laughing moments).

You can use your “better” understanding of some forms so you can correct the other party – and you don’t need me to tell you that this is an excuse to make contact, build tension between you. 😉

And at the same time you both learn about a different culture, BOOM.

4)Cook At Home Date

It involves FOOD, it’s more fun than your simple and bland eating out.

Cooperation, you both decide what you cook & eat.
It’s an awesome bonding experience that can be re-used countless times even when in you’re a relationship.

You can divide the roles, so that someone prepares one thing while the other one prepares another.

Fun, Affordable, Easy AND Effective.
(And hopefully yummy!)


Listen, Karaoke is THE Icebreaker.

It’s so fun, and you can either go to a place or DIY at home. Another EASY and CHEAP option.
Singing is also incredibly bonding.

I was afraid of Karaoke, at first – but it’s a great way to express yourself and to let go, plus – you really will know each other’s soul (though i understand it may sound a bit cheesy) by doing so.

Trust me, singing with someone it’s a thousand times better than singing alone.

Let me know if you’re going to try one of these in the coming days!

Take care.

The Current Disruption between relationships.

The thought that relationships are being somewhat disrupted- be it by society’s “new” norms, by paranoid thoughts or by even nothingness has been knocking on the doors of my mind. Because it seems that NOBODY is able to give without expecting something in return. And why would they, right? we only think of our own gain – truly, we are selfish creatures now more than ever.

Lately i’ve been seing on the web, and in my everyday life, that always more standards are being enforced on males and females when it comes to relationships (romantic and not)- or should i say rules, ways to act to gain whatever you need from the other person.

“Act like this so he will miss you, act like that so that she will give you a blowjob, say that thing so the others in the group will validate you” And so on. I honestly find all of this pathetic.

This is basically how you annihilate your personality and close yourself off from any TRUE bond.

Why? because you’re no longer trying to form a fucking connection with that individual, instead you’re looking to GAIN something from them- don’t get me wrong, it’s not inherently bad to gain something from a relationship- but when ALL THAT YOU’RE LOOKING FOR is to gain, then i think there’s something out of place in the way we think of connections with others. You’re not acting like yourself anymore, you are just wearing a mask so that you are able to manipulate someone else in getting you the things you need, that’s why most relationships are short lived nowadays- do you think this approach can work long-term with another human being? HELL NO.

And while we can keep being scared because of our past traumas and bad experiences we must understand that the only way to stop shallowness from seeping into our society is to hold onto meaningful values (that are oh-so badly seen) that have been around for centuries and actually open ourselves to others while being SELFLESS! that’s the only way to let your unique character shine through all of this indifference we have sadly being accustomed to. Playing games with each other needs to go out of fashion.

And that is, in my opinion, the only way to a real connected world.