The 13 Best High Protein Foods You Didn’t Know About

Getting more protein into your diet is essential when trying to build muscle & maintain your muscle mass, that’s why you need a great selection of high protein foods to incorporate into your diet to satisfy that need.

Today I have for you a wide selection of my personal favorites protein-rich foods, that are sure to fulfill your daily protein intake.

Here’s My Personal List Of High Protein Foods:

1)Chicken Breast

the best of lean high protein foods, chicken breast

Chicken breast is crowned by the fitness community and in general as the king of healthy and lean protein sources, and for good reasons! a 100 g piece of skinless chicken breast provides 165 calories, a whopping 31 grams of protein and 3.6 grams of fat, making it an incredible candidate when you’re looking for lean high protein foods, since most of its calories come from its proteins.


eggs are a convenient kind of high protein foods

Another great entry to our list that can’t miss it’s eggs, basically protein in a shell! some will argue that eating too many eggs can cause your cholesterol levels to spike but that’s some urban legend that doesn’t have to discourage you from eating them, since one egg packs just 75 calories with 7 grams of high quality protein.

3)Pork Chopsraw pork chops that have little fat, are great high protein foods

Pork Chops are one of THE MOST underrated source of protein ever, they’re so delicious and full of good vitamins and minerals for your body such as Riboflavin, Niacin, Vitamin B6, Zinc, Selenium and many more nutrients that are important for your bodily functions, they’re also low on fat considering they’re chops, with a 100 g cut containing approximately 7 g of fat and 22 g of protein, and they’re the best next source of lean meat protein right after chicken & turkey breast, your muscles will thank you.

4)Greek Yogurt

greek yogurt

I love Greek Yogurt, not especially because of the flavor (even though the full fat version is very yummy) but because this silky goodness is packed with protein, just 100 grams of it contains 10 g of protein, making it the perfect snack or post workout meal to get your proteins in, it’s versatile and you can pair it with fruit & nuts for added health benefits.

Yogurt also helps regulating your intestinal flora and helps when your stomach is upside down, making it a great ally to fix your intestinal problems.

5)Salmonsalmon is one of the healthiest high protein foods

When looking for healthy, lean protein you can’t go wrong with Salmon, this amazing oily fish is a panacea of benefits for your health, 113 g (4 ounces) of salmon contains just 170 calories, 26 g of protein and 6 g of total fat, it’s also one of the best sources of omega-3 fatty acids and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) , a kind of omega-3 that are great for improving your inflammatory response and your heart health as well as improving your vision, and they also aid in losing fat. Fatty, oily fish like salmon are also a natural testosterone booster since it has an important role in hormone production.

6)Chicken Gizzardschicken gizzards

This is a special treat that few people know or consume on a regular basis, chicken gizzards are one of the best high protein foods you can get! they’re great stir-fried, in a hotpot or you can consume them cold, in a salad. 100 g of gizzards are also super low in calories, great for when you’re cutting and need protein, they just have 94 calories and are choked full of protein with 18 g while also having almost no fat with just 2 g of it overall, gizzards are great for a high protein diet and to lose weight, they are also a great source of vitamins and minerals.

Don’t be deceived by appearances if you have a sensible stomach, these little guys are amazing and have no funny smell if you cook them right, and they definitely deserve more recognition.

7)Chicken Heartschicken hearts

Stop giving me that funny look and trust me on this, I’m not crazy, you just have weak tastes! right after gizzards there’s chicken hearts, these yummy and overlooked delicacies are full with proteins when you take into consideration their size. 113 grams have 170 calories, 17 grams of protein and 10 grams of fat , they’re also usually VERY CHEAP (like gizzards) and are great for your wallet if you’re on a budget.

You can make them the Japanese way, seasoned with soy sauce & spices by skewering them and cooking them on a grill (Yakitori) this will eliminate most of the strong taste and smell, or if you want to keep the strong flavor and truly try something new and mindblowing, just stew them with onions, mushrooms, potatoes and season with black pepper and some red pepper flakes.


Tuna claims itself a super respectable place in this high protein foods list with 100 grams containing a stunning 28 g of proteins, and 132 calories, whether you have it fresh or canned you can’t go wrong with choosing tuna, it’s an amazing source of protein which is readily available and if you choose the canned one, remains cheap and satisfies your protein macro needs, tuna is famous because of being a great, affordable protein alternative to those of you who want to do bodybuilding but they’re students, or broke.

And if you use your imagination you can also come up with delicious recipes, instead of enjoying it on its own, like this amazing tuna burger recipe, which is also packed with proteins! check it out.


parmigianoParmesan, in Italian “Parmigiano Reggiano” or “Parmigiano” it’s the dairy protein emperor of all the cheeses in existence and for good reasons, this globally renowned hard cheese is the one that contains THE MOST protein, with just 30 grams of Parmesan containing 10 g of proteins you can see why this Italian delicacy is the dairy emperor of gains and proteins, no cheese comes packed with this many proteins, enjoy it as a salty snack after your workout to fulfill your protein needs.

10)Beef Steakbeef steak

I’m a sucker for beef steaks, but I don’t agree with the narrative that red meat is “bad” for you, it’s not. If you have an active & healthy lifestyle, red meat is actually really good for you, beef steak in particular has 26 g of proteins (based off 100 grams) and is packed with Iron which is essential for optimal hormone production and cellular functions, it has also Zinc and B Vitamins, with that said, have it in moderation and you won’t have problems, instead you’ll reap incredible benefits.

Steak is also great for recovery and rebuilding muscle, so you can have it once in a while after a demanding bodybuilding session or is perfect, as example, as a recovery food after a surgery in order to rebuild tissue and replenish blood.

11)Horse Meat\Steak

horse steak meat

I can already hear the environmentalists and the animal rights activists angrily typing on their keyboards, and frankly, I couldn’t care less, just hear me out will you?

Horse meat is amazing and honestly too shunned upon, it’s considered a delicacy in many countries such as Italy, Japan, Belgium, Poland, Switzerland and many more, it’s leaner than beef and with a higher amount of protein, within 100 grams of horse meat you can find 28 g of protein. It has a gamey flavor and may not be everyone’s cup of tea, and that’s understandable, but you should definitely include it in your diet once in a while or try it out.

12) Lentilslentils

Do you think I’d leave my vegans & vegetarian friends without something to build their muscles with? lentils are an incredible plant based source of protein, 198 grams of cooked lentils contain 18 g of protein, they’re also packed with Iron, Thiamine, Niacin and a fair amount of fibers that can aid your digestion.

They come in different colors and flavors: Green lentils, Brown lentils, Red & Yellow lentils, Puy lentils and more, each kind of lentils has a different way of cooking and it’s suited to a particular dish over another, but they’re all sure to be high protein foods.

If you liked this list, please be sure to share it with your friends and tell me what you think in the comments, what are your protein sources of choice? have you tried any of my recommendations, and did you like them?

Take care, and keep on making gainz.

Eating One Meal A Day: 11 Amazing Benefits

What’s O.M.A.D. ? (One Meal A Day)

The O.M.A.D. diet is a kind of intermittent fasting where you simply choose when to eat your one and only meal for the day which is pretty kingly and abundant since it has to fill you up until your next meal (usually the day after at the same time). Suffice to say this is a very nutrient-dense meal so it should encapsulate all your needed calories for that day.

Like ALL diets this one has its pros and cons too, of course, but today i’m going to focus on the benefits so you can see if this might work for you, let’s start!

1. Makes It Easier To Lose Fat

slim girl low fat in sun

Since you’ll be sticking with one meal a day you won’t have to eat anything else, so it will discourage mindless snacking and you reaching for a slice of chocolate cake or that sugar filled Starbucks coffee, and consequently discarding calories your body doesn’t need, you can see how powerful this is since the kcals avoided will stack on each other and start compounding day after day, causing a caloric deficit that leads to quicker fat loss.

Speaking of which, I have a complete guide to fat loss, fitness and nutrition that I accurately crafted if you need assistance to burn fat and look sexy, check it out.

2. You Won’t Gain Weight!

By using the one meal a day approach, since the caloric intake of your day will stay pretty much the same (especially if you stick to the same meal everyday, though I won’t advise you to do so) you will find it difficult to put on more weight because your body will quickly adjust itself to eat the same, set quantity of food each day that will ideally fill you up, hence becoming unable to eat anything more than that, so you don’t have to worry about gaining an inch!

And I’m talking about water weight, as well. You won’t have small meals spread throughout the day so your body has time to digest properly and doesn’t have to worry about the extra water weight caused by the constant food and empty calories you were feeding it.

3. You Will Save Lots Of Money

saving money on one meal a day


A diet that is wallet-friendly? No way! except that this is actually the case. Now, my thoughts on diets are controversial but you can’t deny that some of them require you to be buying overpriced ingredients and not everyone is able to keep that up.

With this diet instead you’ll be eating once a day, so that results in less trips to the grocery store, no place for snacks and small things that are very expensive, extravagant and of no use to your diet, and no, you don’t need those new flavored chips or that secret vegan organic BBQ sauce that costs you 19$.

Less trips to the grocery store also means that you’ll learn to make your meals with less while focusing only on the essential and the substance, no fancy stuff that serves no purpose, and at the end of the month this smart buying will amount to a hefty amount of cash saved.

4. Enforces Discipline

create discipline through one meal a day
I don’t know if you will become able to do this exact move, but your discipline level will skyrocket, that’s for sure.

Similar to any other fasting, with OMAD there’s a psychological facet involved that it has to do with mental resilience and discipline.

Especially if you were accustomed to eat multiple times a day with no restrain, you will find that this diet will strengthen your ability to endure and control your impulses, as you cannot stretch your hand to grab your favorite snacks because for this to work you have to face your hunger, though these effects will be cushioned by the large quantity of food that’ll fill you up.

This constantly challenges your old habits while replacing them with new, healthy ones and at the end of this initial struggle you will find yourself to have become a better, more disciplined version of you.

5. More Free Time!

This perk is a godsend in today’s busy and buzzing society that knows no rest, I tell you.

You’ll have to cook just once a day, hell even once a week if you’re doing this with a good meal prep strategy! imagine how much time you’re saving, why wasting it cooking every single meal for the day, when you could use these extra hours to do something you love, something productive or focusing on things you care about?

Think about it: washing ingredients, chopping them up, not to mention that different ingredients take different time to cook and certain sauces and methods of cooking take AGES, especially if you’re not that skillful of a chef, it’s a headache and a lot of time that flies by without you knowing, not worth it.

6. Enhanced Clarity & Focus

Information flowing through your brain
These are your neural pathways when your brain is in a complete state of flow, supposedly, at least.

One of the benefits that people noticed the most while following the one meal a day diet, is the improved concentration and clarity that comes with it, this effect is also found in other variations of fasting as well, this article from NCBI goes in-depth about this issue.

Isn’t that awesome that just a shift in diet and lifestyle brings you this edge over life? having a mind that is able to function at its best with haste, readiness and with an unshakable focus while being able to retain more information when the needs arise, could make the world of a difference.

This newfound clarity will also go a long way and spread goodness to every part of your body, since your state of being depends by that symbiotic bond between your mind and body, Mens sana in corpore sano (a healthy mind in a healthy body!) right?

7. Eating One Meal A Day Increases Energy & Productivity

one meal a day makes you more productive and energetic

This benefit gets noticed the most by people who follow this diet and fasting in general because is quick to take place. With this approach you’ll learn to naturally function on an empty stomach, this teaches your body to sustain itself with its own energy, instead of using food as fuel.

The great thing about this is that you can pair this feeling with caffeine, this works in your favor in two ways, by curbing your appetite until it’s meal time and to further empower your energy and productive ability.

Unlike any other diet that oftentimes leaves you irritated or angry you will instead feel these awesome spikes in energy and productivity especially in the mornings, so be sure to convert this power and get some work done!

8. You Will See Food Differently

Are you stuffing your face with an ungodly amount of junk food? If yes, do you even care about it? no right? I thought so.

Mindless eating it’s a sickness, you’re stuffing your mouth just for the sake of doing so, but when switching to one meal a day you’ll have that one dish a day and that’s it. By doing so you’ll learn to appreciate your food more and hopefully feel some gratitude for it.

Eating out of frustration or boredom not only it’s not healthy but it can give you a warped view of food, as just a “tool” to keep at bay bad things or emotions and this could lead to obesity if not careful, when in reality you should approach food as a ritual and a regenerating activity, not as a way to cope.

9. Grants You A Flexible Lifestyle

cheat meals and fun with friends are possible on a

Contrary to other rigid diets where lots of restrictions on food are in place, you could literally eat anything you want once a day and there goes your meal, as long as your macros and calories are all where they should be.

What I’m saying here is that you could enjoy more cheat meals or nights out with your buddies compared to when you’re on other diets (though I will always be pushing for you to consume quality food, not trash)

10. Its Simplicity

Another great thing about it is that it’s pretty straightforward and simple to follow, and the effectiveness of it lies, in fact, in its simplicity.

You won’t have to scratch your head while following weird rules, just take into consideration when to break your fast, and the quality of the food you’re eating and you’re good to go.

I would personally advise you to include lots of vegetables and proteins in it, with some whole grains (so carbohydrates) in lesser quantity.

11. Leads To A Stronger Immune System

one meal a day can boost your immune system, making you stronger against cold

Any type of prolonged fasting (but in this particular study from the NCBI starts from 48h minimum) can help your body expel toxins you wouldn’t be otherwise able to flush out and might even lead to some level of cellular regeneration and make you more resistant to stress.

This allows you to be better equipped against the cold, flu or other illnesses as well as making you more prone to avoid them altogether, who doesn’t want to boost their immune system?

Conclusion & Tips

Although eating once a day could greatly aid you in losing fat and grant you this sleeve of incredible benefits, it may not be the best (while it still works fine!) when trying to put on size and muscle mass, the reason being that you might not be able to consume the needed amount of protein in a day, for your body to encourage muscle growth in just one sitting, and even because the size of the meal is supposed to fill you up completely.

One way you could circumnavigate this is to reduce the portion of fibers and carbs to make more space for extra proteins (legumes, meat, fish, cheese, be creative!) but still, this is not a final solution to the flaw of this diet.

The following statement applies especially if you’re an advanced lifter, this problem does not concern beginners and intermediates as much.

Let me know in the comments if you’ve already tried the omad diet and what benefits have you reaped\things you’ve noticed about it, if not, express your thoughts on the article, and if are you going to try fasting, or this diet anytime soon.

Take care!


My Top 4 Funniest Alternatives To Your Boring Cardio

Are you tired of your boring cardio workouts that involves static, soulless movements, and that make you feel like you just want to get over with them? Yeah? So we both agree on the fact that cardio workouts can and SHOULD be fun!

Today I’m giving you my top 4 funniest cardio alternatives, so you can have lots of fun cardio workouts choices at your disposal while you blast calories, and why not—do something useful at the same time.

Let the fun begin!

1) Wood Chop-Chopping

Yup, you can get biceps this big

With this one you can have boatloads of fun, and you’ll sweat like a running pig while stacking up some good wood for the winter, you kill two birds with one stone!

This can act as a strength building\toning activity as well if you do it with enough vigor behind each blow (I mean, just have a look at lumberjacks), so you get the best of both worlds, cardio & muscle building, plus… you can direct your pent up anger against those damned logs, ARGH!

Just be sure to learn the technique properly and take all the necessary precautions in order to avoid injuries, THEN keep the chopping going and chop wood for 25/30 minutes, use the time for replacing the wood as rest.

2) Martial Arts

Garou One Punch Man GIF - Garou OnePunchMan OnePunchManSeason2 ...

Yeah yeah, I know I always mention martial arts in my posts but what can I do? I’m a martial artist after all, and they’re an amazing, funny way to get that cardio in. I mean, look at martial artists, they’re fu**ing shredded! I don’t think you need more evidence.

And the beautiful thing is that you can choose from a wide selection of martial arts: Kung Fu, Karate, Boxing, Capoeira, Taekwondo, MMA…the list goes on and on and on, you name it!

If you’re in a dilemma though consider yourself lucky, because I have ready a martial arts inspired workout you can use right now to have some fun and get your cardio over with. Or you can always do your own thing, whatever! (The good thing is that I got you covered either way)


[Warm Up] Shadowboxing [x10 min]

Dumbbell jabs (light) 2mins – [repeat x4]

Roundhouse kicks x40 [Each side]

Alternating Mountain Climbers x1 min – (AS FAST AS YOU CAN) [repeat twice]

Horse stance (whichever version you can do) TO FAILURE, [repeat x2]

*BONUS* Add alt. punches to horse stance & drop to a very low stance for a real challenge

3) Sprint, Sprint, Sprint!!!

Pin on cool

This cardio alternatives list won’t be complete without sprints. You can have tons of fun with sprints, and they are, without a doubt THE KING of High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT, & cardio) exercises, period. I mean, feeling the wind in your hair, the speed and the blood rushing like crazy through your body is pretty fun by my standards.

And guess what, they even act as a muscle building exercise since they recruit fast-twitching muscle fibers you won’t otherwise engage in your usual activities, by taking your muscles in a state of hypertrophy, which is ideal when trying to build muscle, especially in your hamstrings and glutes zone, but it does activate a lot your abdominal muscles as well. Sprints are excellent when trying to lose fat, if you incorporate them in your routines you will quickly become a super lean mofo.

There are lots of Sprints, for every taste ladies and gentlemen! Each unique in their own accord:

  • Standard Sprints – The vanilla flavor. But you can bet on their effectiveness.
  • Sand Sprints – Chocolate, they’re twice as harder than the standard.
  • Lava Sprints – I don’t really advice you to try them out.
  • Hill\Uphill Sprints – If you’re a madman and want to blast those calories.
  • Weighted Sprints – Just add some ankle weights and be harder on yourself.
  • Water Sprints – These can be paired with the sand ones, but sprinting against the resistance of water AND sand is a whole another level.

You can use this tempo for pretty much every one of this kind of sprints: Sprint at your maximum speed for 30 seconds, then rest for 15 seconds, repeat for a total of 8-10 sets. If you’re a beginner you can rest a bit longer, as long as you put your maximum effort in the sprints every time.

Sprinting can also be considered a mental strength exercise since they’re not easy on you and can really push you to the limit, so as a byproduct you’ll come out a more resilient individual.

4) Hiking

Hike GIF - Find on GIFER

Hiking is another great entry on this cardio workout alternatives list that I HAD TO include because is so amazing yet so underrated of an activity, which holds a treasure of health benefits and is tons of fun! some of these benefits:

Health Benefits For The Body & Mind

Since a good hike is indeed a solid cardio workout it comes with a plethora of health benefits exactly as our previously mentioned friends- the sprints, so hiking can

  • Strengthen your core – By walking on irregular and impervious surfaces you’ll be engaging your abs the whole time, not only because of the hard terrain you’ll be hiking on but even because while in the mountains you’ll be constantly challenging gravity as you move upwards and be facing challenging slopes.
  • Keeps your blood pressure in check – As all type of cardiovascular exercises do, hiking can help you if you have blood pressure problems, and by extent is great for your heart.
  • Be a powerful ally against stress & anxietyManaging one’s stress has become an imperative thing in our frenetic society, spending time hiking in nature and reconnecting with one’s own inner peace can truly save people’s lives, and this particular study from Cornell University proves this.
  • Make your lower body stronger – Well what did you expect? To hike with your hands? Of course your lower body is going to get RIPPED if you walk for a day in the mountains, the amazing thing is that it will work even the minor muscles\parts of your lower body like your feet, fingers, glutes ecc… so it’s an amazing way to get that leg day in, but amped up! Go for a hike if you want those strong, burly mountaneer legs.

Using hiking as cardio is fairly simple: just be sure you know where you’re going to hike to, wear sturdy, breathable clothes made for hiking and take a full day off to hike – FULL DAY OF HIKING CARDIO, and remember to enjoy yourself and nature, hell you can even bring a buddy along to make it double the fun!

You can vary the intensity of the hike by changing your hiking pace or by preferring harder trails.


So, what do you think of these fun cardio alternatives? Do you already engage in some of the activities that I’ve mentioned? I’d love to get your feedback. You can even share this post with friends and family if they’re looking to become more active in a funny and seamless way!

6 Impactful Ways For a Good Night’s Sleep

Today I’m going to share with you 6 insightful tips for a good sleep so you can begin seeing some positive changes in your sleep life IF you stick with these wise recommendations.

Sleep is not the same for everyone, in modern society humans have come to develop a troublesome relationship with sleep. Mostly because of the unnatural and far from optimal way to which our bodies had to adapt to a frenetic kind of lifestyle, which is not really fitted for our species.

This ended up in shambles because it affected our Circadian rhythm as well as our bodily functions over the course of evolution, as we kept on moving into unnaturally bright and chaotic environments.

But there’s more to this.

Let’s see how you can work your way into changing the way you sleep FOREVER.

1) Acknowledge the Night

What I mean by this is that you should give the Night the respect it deserves. We weren’t made to be at 101%  for the whole duration of the day, when the sun sets your mind and your body need to understand that is now the time to cut off on some of your functions (overthinking, getting excited, getting angry or “overstimulated” in general) and this doesn’t happen naturally anymore for a multitude of reasons.

One of the things that contribute to all this are the devices that even when there’s night mimic the Sun’s light (PC’s, Smartphones, Laptops, Tablets, TV’s etc…) And your body isn’t supposed to see that kind of light, at that time. And not only these devices blast at you an unhealthy amount of (fake) UV rays and radiations, they even provide you with useless material and information that keep your mind unable to rest, like chats, news and feeds from people, music and loud videos – the list can go on and on.

The main point here is that YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO REST.

These tips for a good sleep only work if you take into consideration the importance of the night. While the night should be the other half of the day for you to stay with yourself without the need of external stimuli.

For you to start seeing positive changes, you need to start cutting off all of these devices when the sun starts to go down, as well as being able to shift into another mode, your personal “night mode” leaving behind the troubles and the things the day carried with it, so that your body and mind understand that now it’s not time for being grumpy or for brooding, but is the time to rest and recover – since you’ll be at bed soon.

Remember, this is not a “quick fix”, as this aspect is tremendously important it’ll take a while for you to start seeing change, because the body has to adapt to a new mode that lacks excitement later in the day, but once you’ve made it a habit the results will be astonishing.

2) Time and Value Your Meals Accordingly

What you put into your stomach throughout the day, but more importantly before bed makes a HUGE difference on the quality of your sleep. For example: Is your daily diet consisting of foods that take long to digest, and that they’re not easy on your metabolism? everything processed can fall into this category, but you should focus your attention into avoiding carbonated drinks, unidentified deep-fried anomalies and overly sugary deliciousness.

Now, the most important thing I want you to to take into consideration is the timing of each and every meal you have through the day.

See, if you don’t space each meal with enough time from one another, your body won’t have time to correctly digest the previous meal on the “list” and you’ll consequentially reach your last meal of the day with a previous one still in the phase of getting digested, and this will lead to troubling your sleep. One smart way in which you could counter this is to avoid snacking in all its shapes and forms, it’ll give you less food to work with, for starters and widens the window between each of your meals giving your body more time to do its thing.

The rule of thumb here is to eat your last meal at a reasonable time, hours prior you hit the sack – and to keep it light and humble.

There’s a proverb that goes like this: “Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, and dinner like a pauper”

Yeah, you understood me, no fancy 1000 kcal dressings on your fake salads made out of butter, no cookies as a side-dish and and definitely SAY NO to your useless BBQ sauces or Mayo or Ketchup to embellish your meat with. Spices and herbs are a thing, you know, so use them as they’re free in calories and easy to digest usually when compared to this nasty stuff.

So avoid eating like a wild creature from Mordor and don’t stuff your face with unheartly things in the evening.


3) Ditch The Damn Caffeine

While I’ve talked extensively of the benefits of caffeine, tea and coffee it’s undeniable that an excessive amount of it can lead to addiction (remember, caffeine is a drug) AND to a poor- if nonexistent -quality of sleep.

Caffeine can last into your system and your bloodstream up until 48 hours after consumption, depending on the quantity you assume in milligrams, you can see why it can easily hinder your sleep because of its long “life” and because your body isn’t naturally designed to flush caffeine out of it, so no wonder it takes a while and you have issues falling asleep.

Start with going one week without any kind of caffeine (Coffee, Tea, Energy Drinks like Monster, Red Bull etc…) and magically see your sleep improving. Not only you will fall asleep faster, you will even notice a new refreshing feeling once you wake up, because once you’re used to caffeine your body cannot properly rest, as it’s always present into your system you often find yourself waking up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom, right?

An addiction or any constant use of it, according to this study is known to “cause restlessness, anxiety, irritability, agitation, muscle tremor, insomnia, headache, diuresis, sensory disturbances, cardiovascular and gastrointestinal symptoms.”

And taking into account what we’ve said earlier about caffeine’s long lasting life cycle, you can see how this gives birth to a dangerous concoction against your so precious sleep.

So think twice and consider doing this test on yourself and try going without caffeine for a long while, I assure you that the benefits far outweigh the instant gratification that caffeine provides.

4) Tire Yourself Out

This one’s easy to do and understand, lots of you might have too much energy flowing inside your body that is preventing you from reaching the end of the day as you should:


So you can have a satisfying sleep. Be it positive, energizing energy or the negative kind which you can’t seem to shake off, the answer to this puzzling and rocket science based question remains one: expend that energy.


  • Stay still all day (on the couch, on the chair) like a lazy ass
  • Avoid to go the extra mile in your endeavors
  • Use transportation (cars, buses, trains) if possible
  • Stay too much indoors
  • Procrastinate
  • Be afraid of stress


  • Work Out
  • Find excuses to move MORE! (jog, walk, use the stairs etc)
  • Immerse yourself into deep, concentrated work
  • Learn to enjoy hard work
  • Have awesome, passionate Sex
  • Melt your stress down
  • Connect with REAL people (it’s tiresome but satisfying)


5) The Quality of Your Room Matters

It makes sense that you put extra attention to the space you’ll be sleeping in for the rest of your life or for whatever the duration may be, keeping your bedroom, your Kingdom in optimal condition for you to have the best night’s sleep is a no brainer, so why would you discard this aspect? you probably think as your bedroom as “just another room” in which you can throw everything inside without thinking of the consequences.

For the vast majority of people, the bedroom is a room with an added bed in it, nothing more, nothing special.

This is where you’re wrong, you should consider your bedroom as a sacred place, an oasis, a temple, your place where you can safely unplug from noise and reality while calmy shifting into the dream world. Yet SO MANY turn their bedroom into something unrecognizable and confused, they even use it as a workspace, yuck!

How do you expect to sleep like a baby if your room isn’t suited to the task of aiding you to fall asleep? Fortunately, you can improve the quality of your room by following a few guidelines and by tweaking it a bit.

1st guideline

For starters, for you to have the best, seamless sleep possible your room has to be in almost (if not total) darkness, be sure that you don’t place any kind of electronic device that brings that harmful light we’ve talked about that destroys your sleep, because our body needs to recognize that is time to sleep with a visual cue, that is the absence of light.

2nd guideline

Then, you have the temperature of the room. Exactly, you didn’t think it mattered didn’t you?

To make it short, the coldest the room, the better. Why? have you ever noticed the difference in your sleep in the hot summer nights when compared to the cold winter ones?

If you have problems falling asleep at night, making your room colder could greatly help your body cool down and be more prone to “hibernating” so to speak, in this way you’ll have a deeper, restorative sleep.

3rd guideline

What about your mattress and pillow, along with your blankets? They’re a part of the room, too!

Don’t skip this, after all your body rests upon your bed unless you have a Futon, that is. Be sure to find a mattress and a pillow that fits YOUR definition of comfort, since it’s a subjective matter because some would rather find more comfortable a softer mattress, while others sleep great on a mattress that would seem hard as a rock from another’s view, the same goes for pillows.

Be sure that your blankets and your whole room also smell nice, so aerate it and change blankets once every few weeks, we’re not nasty in here!

4th guideline

Remember, your bedroom is meant ONLY for sleep-related activities ;), which means that it has to radiate a feeling of calm, you can’t work all day in your bedroom and expect that when it’s time to sleep you nonchalantly slip in your bed and fall asleep like a robot.

Separating your rooms and assigning each one of them a purpose, can help you feel overall less stressed, and when it comes to your bedroom, it will be “pure” without the negative energies you could’ve brought in the room if you were working in it all day.

I’d reckon this is more of a spiritual matter, and about the feeling that you get when you are in your bedroom, you recognize that the room is meant for letting go and relaxation, and as such, you treat it the right way.

5th guideline

Do whatever you can to make your room as noise-free as possible, even if you are a heavy sleeper you should consider doing so, because less noise equals to less chance for you to wake up and have your sleep interrupted.



6) Losing fat can help you sleep better?!

Did you know about this?

Apparently, the extra weight you carry on your belly and body is linked to the quality of your sleep, because by being fat you come with a “package” of annoying consequences such as: sleep apnea, daytime fatigue, insomnia, and restless or interrupted sleep that are in turn linked to diabetes as well.

This makes losing fat all the more worthwhile of an effort than it already is! since you should be relatively lean in order to maintain perfect health, I advice you to get started on this journey that’ll bring you countless benefits, including a sound sleep, which is only a side-effect.

If you don’t know how to get started then you are in luck! because my amazing fitness guide has everything, ALL the information (and my personal secrets) you will ever need to start seeing your body change, all in one place.

Sleeping better, like losing fat, in the end is all a conscious effort on your part that takes something from you everyday, that’s true. But the way in which these efforts repay you back, in the long run, will make yourself glad that you started giving up something unnecessary for your whole well-being and future.





These are my advices for today. If you liked this article please take the time to share it with your friends or with someone in need.

Thanks for reading.

The Effects of Eating Junk Foods on Your Body Vs Nutritious Foods

Effects of Eating Junk Foods Vs. Nutritious Foods

Everything we eat breaks down eventually into Sugar, Protein, or Fats inside our bodies. A human body needs specific quantities of all three of these things. Still, an excess of anything and everything is terrible, and everyone’s needs are different depending on their body structures. Nowadays, most of the people do not put much thought into what they are eating, ignoring what the food will produce once it’s inside them.

Junk Food: Definition and History

Junk Food, as the name suggests, consists of the edible stuff that has almost no nutrient value. It’s low in vitamins, minerals, protein, and fiber that is good for the human body while being high in sugar and fat content that makes your stomach feel like its filled. The history suggests that during the American Civil War in the 1860s, when food was scarce, huge quantities of canned foods were provided in rations to the troops. The war ended, but along with the PTSD, the soldiers also remembered the “convenience” and “taste” of those mass-produced junk food items. Therefore, when similar, quickly edible cheap snacks used to be sold on carts outside the factories, the industrial workers, most of whom were war veterans, found it convenient yet again.

From the first fast-food snacks like Cracker Jack and Tootsie Rolls to the carbonated drinks like Coca-Cola and Pepsi-Cola, Junk food infiltrated the American food scene in the early 1900s. The vending machines started handing out packed snacks that were high in sugars, salts, fats, and calories while being low in vitamins and proteins. To maximize the shelf life of these products, preservatives, chemicals, and artificial colors are added, which also destroy the nutrients in these foods. Therefore consuming these junk food items fills up the stomach but brings little benefit for the body. Prolonged exposure to these junk foods results in deprivation of required nutrients in the body, thus lowering its immunity making it more susceptible to infections and diseases like Diabetes and Heart Disease. The worst part is that corporations benefitting from these junk foods, add addictive items like sugar into these edibles so that people end up craving for more and more every day. These companies hire so-called “Food Scientists” to help them develop new chemicals that will create more cravings for taste in these foods that are mainly targeted at teenagers and children so that from an early age, they get used to them.That is why obesity is on the rise all over the globe, especially in societies that have indulged themselves more into Junk Foods like Hamburgers and Pizzas.

The Solution: Eating Healthy and Staying Fit

Like a vehicle needs fuel to run on, food is literally the fuel for a human body. An average adult human body needs approximately 2,000 to 2,500 Calories (kcal) per day to maintain weight. For example, An Apple contains around 70 Calories, and a Banana includes a 100 and a Beer, 150. But all of these things also contain different amounts of Sugar, Protein, and Fats. Consuming Nutritious Food like fruits, vegetables, fat-free dairy products, sea-food, dry chicken, rice, and grains in the right quantities fulfill the dietary requirements of the body, keeping it healthy and fit. Knowing the right balance for your body gives you the power to unlock the potential of turning your physique into whatever shape you desire. This fitness guide can help you achieve your desired results, as it is aimed towards everyone who wants to get in great shape and has everything a person will need to start seeing results. It also possesses information about nutrition, meal plans, workouts, and tips & tricks about your health. It’s not like you can never consume any Junk Food, but if integrated well into a balanced diet and not consumed more than needed, it may turn out to be less dangerous to your health than anticipated. Finding this sweet spot of balance is crucial and takes a lot of research, practice, and professional monitoring.

Eating healthy and nutritious food is not only easy only beneficial for your health, but it is also easy on your pocket if you look at it in the long-term. According to a study carried out at the Public Health school of Harvard, eating nutritious food costs only $1.5 more per day per person than consuming unhealthy Junk food. On the other hand, the amount that you end up saving in terms of your medical bills is way more than that. If you eat healthy, you sleep well and wake up fresh, feeling all the energy in your body, free from any feelings of nausea, acidity, burning in the chest, or pain in the stomach. Contrarily if you keep consuming significant quantities of junk food items, you will feel heaviness in your chest and abdomen all the time, become lethargic and easily irritable.

Conclusion: A Call to Action

As a foodie saying goes, “You are what you eat.” So each of us should always try to eat healthy and nutritious foods, avoiding junk as much as possible. If we eat healthy, we not only significantly reduce the risk of heart diseases and diabetes, but it improves our immunity against cancer, strengthens our bones, and improves memory. More importantly, healthy people have much more chance of keeping their friends and family healthy too by being around them for a longer time and in better moods.

So after you are done reading this, take an honest look at your eating habits and your body. Understand that you and only you have the power to mold your body into any shape you deem fit if you are looking to beef up and build muscles or lose a few pounds to get in ideal shape. If you want to get rid of the enormous deposits of fat that have led you to obesity and have risked your physical and mental health, decide today that you will no longer let laziness get the better of you. Promise yourself that you will become the best version of yourself in body and mind. All it takes is will and action. Start today, and the future will be yours.