5 Effective No Bullshit Ways To Burn Belly Fat Faster

If you are still searching for ways to “burn belly fat” then you’re out of luck – because what you’ve been told (or at least, what you’ve thought) is false,

Because there are no ways to SPECIFICALLY target a part of your body in order to lose fat.

The truth is that fat loss happens homogeneously, throughout your body at once –  it can’t be targeted, so take off your mind that thought and instead let’s see how can you actually start losing fat.

1)Work it Out.

This seems obvious to 90% of people BUT even if they’re aware that working out is one of the best ways to lose fat there is…

They won’t even bother doing it, because “they know it” but won’t put it into practice, how useless is that?

You can even start by doing this home workout consistently, just try and do it for a while, for starters. You will see results in the first week of doing it.

But if you just don’t know how to work out, what exercises to do…what to eat, or you simply want an info-packed source which you can refer to in order to get amazing results right away, check out my simple fitness guide.

It has EVERYTHING you’ll ever need, from Information on Nutrition, A Weekly-scheduled workout routine just for you, to the secrets of fat loss & tips and tricks for your health…for the price of two Pizzas.

You have ZERO excuses, get it done.

2) Eat Less (Frequently)

To lose fat, all you need is to be in a caloric deficit (You consume fewer kcals than your body actually needs to maintain itself), that’s how fat loss happens.

So it makes sense that consuming fewer calories helps you in achieving your goals.

And how you can do that? By switching to foods that are lower in kcals OR,
By eating less:

  • Stop snacking.
  • Stick to a certain amount of key meals.
  • Don’t eat if you are not hungry.
  • Drink.
  • Try IF (Intermittent Fasting)

3) Change The Way You Eat

Junk foods, carbonated stuff & alcohol are a no-no. Avoid eating out and cook your food at home.

What you eat is a reflection of your own body, don’t be stupid and give it healthy, nutritious meals.

Even diets are useless if you don’t know what you are putting into your body, have a look at this recipe to see what a healthy meal is like.

4) Sleep Like a Baby

Sleep, sleep, sleep.

7 to 8 hours are recommended, but don’t you go thinking that just ANY sleep will do the trick.

It has to be quality sleep, and it’s not going to work magic by itself, mind you. It’s not like you’re going to drop off 20kg’s just by sleeping.

Quality sleep has been shown to help your metabolism function like it should, and as a byproduct it’ll aid fat loss.

You know that you had a great night of sleep when you wake up refreshed and full of energy.

5) You Actually HAVE to Try.

Like all worthwhile things in life, you need to put your undivided effort into it.

As I said before, you can’t hope to just “know” things without actually applying them. Follow a plan with a goal in mind without giving up mid-way.

Actually stick to your commitments, because most of you don’t really have a “fat problem”, your mentality, your mindset is what it’s flawed.

After all, the mind is more powerful than the body and it’s ALWAYS the reason of why people are held back, not because they can’t but because their mind, themselves, won’t let it!

Push through that.




The Best No Excuses Workout To Do At Home For Losing Fat.

The world’s in a bit of a pickle now, and working out from home it’s a thing that a lot of people will have to get used to, since gyms are closed.

Let me give you a quick workout so you don’t avoid training.

You probably have a lot of time on your hands already, but with this workout you really have no excuses.

Either you’re a beginner or a pro, you can modify this workout to make it easier\harder – it’s very flexible.

Let’s go:

Do as many as you can:

Pushups x15 (Go on your knees for the easier version/elevate your feet for the harder)

Image from the 8fit app.

Bodyweight Lunges x20 (If you can’t do lunges, just step out with your feet, use dumbbells for the harder version)

Image from the 8fit app.

High Crunches x8 (Do standard crunches for the easier version, grab a dumbell and hold it high through the motion for the harder)

Be sure to ROLL your shoulders down to your hips.

Dips x10 (slide your feet in for the easier version, extend feet for harder, use a dip bar with a weight for the hardest)

Jump Squats x10 (standard squats for the easier version, be sure not to rush through the exercise, feel the burn!)

Be sure to land SOFTLY on your feet.


It really takes little time to stay in shape.
Have you done this workout? did you find it useful?

Want me to bring you more workouts like this one, or something more specific to your needs? Just leave a comment and i’ll be sure to keep ’em coming!

Stay safe now,

Take care.

A Thing All Men Need To Start Doing NOW.

Do i REALLY need to explain this to you?

Ok, great – let me be blunt as always then, so you’ll get it through that thick skull of yours:


And you can act offended or do whatever the hell you want, but that’s reality.

See, if you’re the “”Man”” described above how would you:

  • Protect Yourself & Your Loved ones?
  • React to what life throws at you?
  • Carry yourself with PRIDE?
  • Be able to be a SOLID & Strong Role-Model For Your Children?
  • Lead Your Family in case of Danger?

THAT is why physical prowess it’s a MUST, for a Man.

And there is not shame in not being YET strong.

The only shame it’s to REMAIN that way.

And if you don’t know how to get started, and would like a hand to get in the best shape of your life, my guide can help you.



The Amazing Benefits & Superiority Of Fasted Workouts.

Fasted workouts are THE BEST, period.

When compared to “fueled” workouts, fasted workouts have clearly an incredible edge.

But why you ask?

Let me give you a few reasons, my friend! So you can bask into the awesomeness that are fasted workouts, with me.


This applies especially during long periods of fasting (16H minimum is what i recommend – and it’s called intermittent fasting) – the previous night you have dinner and then you don’t touch anything for that time frame, so usually until lunch.

So if you practice I.F. daily, working out fasted will increase your sensitivity to insulin, allowing your body to burn more fat and build muscle, with the aid of the growth hormone as well,

And studies have proven that while in a fasted state your body taps into your energy reserve fuel (called glycogen) and this leads to an increased fat loss effect.

So basically you’re not using energy from already ingested foods, instead you’re using your “survival energy”, so to speak.

And this applies to ANY kind of training, not just to cardio, like some people want you to believe (the famous “fasted cardio”) so to strength training too!

While you don’t have any of this when compared to a fed workout.


Now this is something i experienced after my FIRST fasted workout – it was hellish at first, i admit. But after you get used to it… you feel like a beast.

You suddenly have much more energy when compared to the “fed mode”.
You can go on for longer periods of time, and while we’re at it, there you go, a cool research on this – a detailed study mentioned in a Science Daily article.


As you start to become acquainted to working out with no ready-to-use fuel, it’s only obvious that your physical abilities WILL become better.

Since our body it’s great ad adapting to changes, it will automatically enhance itself, so you can keep performing at your best.

At first it’ll be hard, but after a while you will be able to endure big amounts of training without having to eat anything! Of course your body will get accustomed to that so it can adapt.

See it this way :

it’s like training with ankle\wrist weights for a period of time and then you take them off. And without you knowing it you became much faster and stronger.

Of course this comparison it’s actually the reverse when it comes to this topic, but i think you get the gist of it.

What about you?
Will you try working out in a fasted state soon? are you already doing it?

Tell me what you think.

Take care


Now It’s The Best Time To Start Taking Care Of Yourself & Your Body, Here’s How:

If you are in the same situation as me, quarantine it’s fully in effect now, why not use this time to get ahead of others AND yourself?

Taking care of that (soon to be) beautiful body of yours it’s the first step to feel better with yourself.

Now you can’t say that you don’t have time to watch what you eat, or hell, that you don’t have time for working out.


And if you’re still finding some, then you’re hopeless.

THIS, my friend, is the most “perfect” occasion, void of any mirrors to climb on.

And let me tell you how to roughly start, IF you really care about your life and health:

  • Don’t fall prey to “the comfort” of saying something like : “well, the world is about to end so i can eat trash” No. Eat REAL, NUTRITIOUS FOODS.
  • Start moving, having to be inside it’s no excuse to not to train. Instead, it can be super harmful if you don’t.
  • Stop wasting your time watching Netflix.
  • Build your body so it’s more resilient – working out it’s one of the known ways to strengthen your immune system.
  • Use this long (trust me, it will be long) window of opportunity to make those changes you wanted to see.

People will not recognize you once this is all over, in a good way of course.

Trust me, not only you will do a favor to your life but you will be more “prepared” if this ugly virus will hit you.

And if you have no idea on how to start, hear me out.

Because of this coronavirus situation i believe EVERYONE should be healthier, since having a body able to withstand the sickness it’s a must.



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  • Get in the BEST shape of your life.
  • Make You Look sexier.
  • Make you stronger.
  • Make you healthier.

I’m not doing this crazy shit discount again.