How To Harness Amazing Power As A Man: Anger

Motivation? Bull.
Gratitude? Yeah, it helps.
Discipline? Sure, whatever.

I’ve extensively talked about those things and how they can help you in life but…today’s topic it’s something i think it’s exclusive to Men, which i have briefly talked about in this article. That doesn’t mean that women can’t feel anger don’t get me wrong – but we are more prone and seem to channel this feeling better than our female counterpart.

james bond uses his anger to get what he wants - revenge.
An angry James Bond, I advise you to stay away from him! that’s what a really angry man looks like, fierce but composed.

I mean, look at history! most warriors were men, and for a good reason. We’re wired for conquest, achievement, physical strength and…consequential anger, no matter whatever people might think. Have you seen those movies where the main character (a man) – take John Wick as a “modern” example or James Bond – gets everything taken away from him and then he automatically gets on revenge-mode? NO ONE can stop him.

And that’s not just because it’s a movie and it’s meant to go that way, this happens in real life too.

Ever seen a man who got bullied in schooldumped by the girlfriend he loved get a monster’s physique the year later or succeeding in his endeavors, and suddenly it seems like he’s a totally different person? You got it, that’s because of ANGER.

And even YOUR Anger, if you can harness it properly it’s going to shoot you towards your goals. But you need to have a reason to your anger, it’s not just like because you spilled your drink on your suit you suddenly feel anger, that’s stupid stuff.

You must have a real, profound reason to this anger – it must be a constant raging fire inside you, which you can control and redirect.

Not to destroy, mind you, because it’s dangerous – but to create. Think deeply about it, what’s something that you find enraging and you wish it went a different way? maybe it’s because someone who you think is a fool has something you don’t and crave, i don’t know, wealth, that dream car or whatever and you start thinking: “why is that incredible awesome me does not have that, and that ridiculous fool does”? – maybe your anger spurs because you want to repay back those who’ve hurt you in the past and let them see what you can become, that’s another good reason.

Maybe you’re angry because you’re in a situation you spite and can’t give back to your parents that have always provided for you the peace of mind and of finances they deserve.

Whatever might be for you. Feel the Rage.

Every day when you wake up, when you’re scaling that business, going through the motions, lifting that weight, look at your goals with a mean stare. Feel the injustice of your state of being and destroy the obstacles that stand on your path with it.

Society nowadays it’s blasting you in the face with material containing a weak, tranquil and oftentimes emasculated man – stray from that, because that’s how you WILL NOT be what you’re meant to be, don’t be fooled, Men are meant to be angry and obsessed with a Purpose! anger nowadays it’s framed as a negative feeling, while for a Man it’s a positive and essential feeling. It becomes negative only when it’s uncontrolled, remember that.

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Take care,


The 3 Most Important Qualities Of An Outstanding Leader

Whether you believe it or not, leaders are the pulsating heart of society, and that’s a fact.

Things happen because of them, people are moved and follow in their footsteps…they’re a guiding light, even.

But little do you know, there could be one inside you as well! and even if there isn’t one yet, you can start cultivating these qualities that I’m now going to reveal to you.

So what are the qualities of a TRUE leader?
Let’s discover the most important ones together:

1) A Leader… Inspires.

Be it directly or indirectly, leaders are known to be inspiring forces.

Leaders NEVER put others down or look down on them, instead, they lift them up, and unite everyone under a common goal, an objective.

They make their burning passion irradiate through everyone around them, so they get caught into the leader’s bigger picture with unparalleled enthusiasm and investment.

The “followers” – pass me the term- suddenly feel like they’re working towards their own vision! and, in a sense, it truly is theirs too.

2) Decisiveness.

Leaders are known for their ability to make quick, ruthless decisions.

To keep their cool and not to lose a minute, while never stuttering when arriving to important conclusions.

This quality is what makes a leader attractive, charismatic but most of all, RELIABLE.

Being decisive is what makes people believe that you are a person worthy of trust and with the capacity to lead, since you don’t lose yourself in trifles.

This quality is intertwined with their resolute nature, but while this trait is good, it’s not inherently effective, since it also goes hand in hand with impatience, this could be a dangerous mix.

But after all, leaders are humans too, and they can make mistakes, so don’t be too stuck up on that.

3)Not Afraid Of Getting “Dirty”

Good Leader vs. Bad Leader: 5 Situations that make all the difference

“Good leaders lead from the front whenever times are challenging, but when it comes to reaping the rewards they remain behind, leaving the praise to the team and not them.”

I don’t remember where I heard it, but these words had a big impact on how I defined who’s a leader and who isn’t.

The phrase might not be exact, as I’ve tweaked it a bit – but you get the essence of it.

What that means is that in times of need, leaders are capable to push through any hurdles and coordinate their efforts with those of the team, while maintaining the standards of a kindhearted person & of an outstanding leader, paving the path for those who’ll come next.

The next leaders, that is.

Yet, when it’s time to celebrate, even if some merit should be bestowed upon the leader, he chooses instead to leave the spotlight for those who’ve helped him.

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Stop Looking For Women, What You Should Really Focus On As A Man.

You see, the problem with you guys is that unless you have the truth under your damn nose, you refuse to see it.

And that is because you’re more comfortable that way.
I know it.
I’ve been through it too.

But that’s why i’m here after all, TO ROAST YOU and question your intelligence, because the rumor that we think with our… well, with our dingus, it’s more truth than not at times.

…But that works against us when it comes to relationships & life.
Stay with me, i’m going to explain you a few things that now seem like ancient knowledge, that might change your life:

Now, when i say “stop looking” i don’t mean forever, mind you.

What i imply is that you must stop looking for it, actively.
Why? The reason is simple:

As a man you have other things that take priority over women.

And these things are ENORMOUSLY underlooked by the majority of men, because society wants you to believe that is “ok” to not have these things in check.

(And are far more important than women for your life, of course)

And that is bullshit, and also the reason why most of your relationships with women WILL fail.

Like your finances,
Your body,
Your mental health,
Your dreams.
Your family.

These are just some examples, but are key.

Because you see, women are generally looking for a man who’s stable, who they can rely on- a pillar- so to speak.

How do you possibly think that they can be attracted (long-term) to a lazy ass mofo with no aspirations or goals, that spends his days scratching his ass smoking weed and drinking beer on the couch?

Nobody is attracted to worms.

Makes sense, right?

Now, you shouldn’t be doing this in the first place for getting women, but you should do it for yourself, to improve your situation.

To give the man a reason, a purpose! that’s how it should be.

And while you’re concentrated on all that goodness, women will naturally “flock” to you.

A (good) woman should be A COMPLEMENT, to a man’s life.
The beautiful missing piece,
The “upgrade”,
The better-quality oil that makes the machine work better, even when the machine is working just fine by itself.

Not his focus!

We as men should avoid comfort, it makes us stagnant, makes us loose our “edge”.
As men we should be always prepared to act.

But don’t think we should not be able to lower our guard from time to time, we’re not machines.

We have emotions, we’re emotional beings as well- just *less*- when compared to a woman.

And that is when polarity comes into play.
As a man you want to be, most of the time, ready to face anything – but you’ll need comfort as well, even though you don’t need for it to be your state of being.

And a woman can provide all that.
Softness, tenderness, femininity… It’s all a balance.

And that’s exactly how it should be if you want women to be interested in you as a potential lifelong partner.

THEY are the one looking to find & provide comfort.
YOU, as a man, should be the strength.

So when a woman senses softness, weakness….in a man, it makes her waver. Those shouldn’t be masculine traits.

So, to wrap this all up.
Can you see my point on why you shouldn’t waste your time? how can you afford that when you have so many flaws to work on?

Trust me on this, when you have solved most of your problems you will be a much more appealing man from a woman’s perspective.

So please, stop wasting your time chasing relationships that YOU KNOW won’t go anywhere because of your personal lack of something.

Have a solid foundation on which to start meaningful things from, when a good woman shows up at your doorstep.

Take care.

Are Mentors Really Necessary When it Comes to Your Success?


Call them however you want, they’re usually the ones who light the way to the clueless you.

They’re a spring of knowledge and wisdom, and for a good reason: They’ve been tested and have been through the battlefield.

And they make your learning journey insightful but by no means easier than it would have been if you were on your own.

But are they REALLY necessary for your success?
The answer is… no.

And i say that because in the end, they’re merely acting as “sharpening stones” if you may,
For you, the raw piece of iron.

But that doesn’t mean that without the sharpening stone the piece of iron is useless.

You get what i’m trying to say?

If the piece of iron is of good quality (If you have good traits that let you thrive on your own) It STILL is an incredible raw material.

Sure, the mentor would surely help you – but at the end of the day, even if you had it, the work still needs to come FROM YOU.

So you can finally see that it’s not really about having someone to guide you, as long as you’re longing and doing everything you can to succeed.

3 Useful Tips For Handling Business Calls & Meetings Anxiety While Stopping Overthinking.

Do you find yourself overly-anxious before talking to someone important for your success? Is your heart skipping beats while talking to that client, and feel like everything will go to ruin in an instant?

Do you stutter incredibly and seem like you can’t get your point across and you look like an anxious idiot who can’t even hold a conversation? I was in that place too, and still AM at times. Here are some things that might help YOU that seem to work for me.


You have to realize that prospects are HUMAN BEINGS just like you, and that’s going to lift a lot of pressure from your shoulders, trust me.

So, as human beings, they like to have fun and enjoy things that “vibe” with them.

Basically, don’t sound like a robot when talking to them. Don’t be so stiff!

See ’em like a friend you’re having a chat with – keep things lighthearted, friendly and HUMAN, without forgetting about the purpose of the call, helping them solve an issue.

Joke around a bit, connect with them – be professional & a pleasure to talk to.

They will be prone to likely work with a positive and cheerful person, who doesn’t want that?!
And that will result in an awesome business partnership.

Balance is the key.



This way you’ll be able to get a better grasp of their situation and you say overall less things that might ruin the call, and that equals to less anxiety!


Recognize that failing or not “closing” the client is OK.

Don’t think too much about it, use the failed interaction as a stepping stone to propel you forward.

See what you could have done better, what things that you could have phrased in a different way, ecc..

Put more emphasis on the important topics and implement all these adjustments in your next interaction.