3 Ways Self Growth Can Give You a Fresh Start In Life

Talking about self growth is now considered “obvious” and normal, but in reality few people really grasp what this is all about. Most of them will just dismiss the topic as something not worth of inspection and will just stop at the surface, valiantly thinking *THEY* know what they’re talking about, and then you see them unhappy, not an inch wiser and in the same place they were years ago.

Today I will tell you 3 reasons why self growth is worth your time and efforts, and why you should NOT take it lightly unlike some people do.

1) You Gain a New Outlook On Life

Especially if you were stuck in a certain situation for a long time, this is one of the first things you’ll notice as soon as you’re deep in your self growth journey, and it’s also one of the most satisfying at that. You are now starting with a clean slate, an exciting and unbelieavable perspective will impose itself over your life, because that’s what happens when you finally decide that enough is enough and you don’t fit anymore with your habits of old, the previous way of viewing things will either be replaced or refined, turning you in a whole new beast.

And this new outlook that you develop is one of a kind, really, you’ll start to see things for what they are and in a more logical, uncomplicated manner, it’s like putting on glasses for the first time, you could even call it an “awakening” if we want to be this dramatic, take it as a sort of clear thinking state where clarity acts as its ruler. I have to warn you of some (minor!) drawbacks of this self growth perk though, some people will say that you’ve changed and will treat you differently just because your views no longer align with theirs, funny how this works huh?

But you can clearly see that the pros here outweighs the cons! 😀

2) It Sparks Motivation and Positivity Within

It’s no secret that when people start for example, exercising, after a while they’ll start feeling amazing and overjoyed, the same applies to your self growth since like exercising is also something that improves yourself and your mood, but this kind of positivity is slightly different, while the exercise-related joy is transient and aimed just at that (even though it has a chance to become exactly what i’m about to tell you) the self growth one has a much wider scope, it’s not going to affect just one area of your life, it will keep on compounding with multiple things.

While you’re constantly improving you’re not only going to feel motivated like never before because of the results you’re seeing, you’re also going to get an urge to become even better, and what does that mean? exactly, action! you won’t have time to stay still for all these new and exciting things are taking up your time, pushing you to be better and that equals positivity and NO time for brooding.

The positivity mindset and motivation that you’ll gain with self growth are not feeble and instant gratification oriented unlike the kind that you will earn from temporary sources meant to boost the both of them for a short while, this is the good stuff that LASTS and will become a bulwark of your personality, the reason why is because self growth is a constructive, positive sum game endeavour.

3)You Outgrow Yourself

Self growth involves, as it’s noticeable in the word itself, growth. An inevitable reward you’ll be facing is improvement of whatever you’ve set out to improve in the first place, this reason only should be enough for you to start already.

Life’s a marathon, and by overhauling old aspects of yourself by steadily growing you’re sure to get to the end line, every growth within you however small it may seem represents a fresh start, an opportunity to start all over again and tackle the matter at hand with a renewed skillset. If you’re not looking to improve every day, then you are slowly recessing into the slimy pond that is complacency, while doing self growth you will have no room for that, instead you will start to see the daunting tasks ahead of you as challenges meant to take you higher.

Growing ALWAYS means something new, hence you will start over everytime without the weight of what you’ve left behind, making it the perfect way to give everyone a shot at life, once again.


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One thought on “3 Ways Self Growth Can Give You a Fresh Start In Life”

  1. I absolutely agree especially about becoming more positive and motivated. Like you said you feel so much more motivated and want to continue growing and bettering yourself and your life.

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