How To Destroy Laziness Forever & Finally be a Good Human Being

How do you dispel the curse that is laziness? this question is always met with no answer whatsoever and dismissed by people as something they’re “just are” lazy, that is.

Today I’m here to tell you that this could not be further from the truth.

Let’s see how to destroy your laziness right away!

Let us start to define what laziness is since y’all think is some kind of magic curse you are damned with. Laziness is A STATE OF BEING, it can even be coupled with comfort though they’re essentially different.

Why do I say that is a state of being? well, for starters, you are not born naturally lazy, you become it over time, And this ends up affecting your whole life later on. As human beings, we were not meant to stay with our ass plastered to our chairs the whole fucking day eating chips and wasting the entirety of our lives on Netflix.

We were instead meant to hunt, go fishing, cover incredibly long and tortuous paths by feet and fend for ourselves from environmental dangers.

So it makes sense saying that laziness wasn’t a conceivable option in the past since you’d die very quickly if you were affected by it, but it STILL shouldn’t be an option because you’re putting your life in danger by being lazy, even if you’re not chased by a tyrannosaurus.

The only thing that’s different is that in our modern way of living, society has made laziness commonplace and labeled it as “normal” when it isn’t normal AT ALL.

So, how do you finally destroy laziness and start living?

Before I can answer that question you have to understand from where your laziness originates. But generally speaking, a lazy person is usually a slob that has nothing interesting nor exciting going on in their life and that absence of PURPOSE is the most common source of laziness.

Though it can spark from a variety of other reasons (i.e. Some kind of trauma that pushed the person into a static state, procrastination emerged from an unwillingness to face problems head on, etc…) laziness is something you could have avoided, but you just didn’t bother to.

Once you’ve pinpointed the origin of your laziness the next steps will be much easier.You can now start tackling the matter…

What do you do now?

The easiest thing you can start with is to get back in touch with a specific moment in the past in which you WEREN’T lazy. Start with visualizing what your daily “routine” was like and try to take as much positive, productive things as you can from the you of the past.

In this way you’re not adding new habits but just taking old ones back into your life, in this way you’ll be already familiar with them.

Now hopefully you have something nice and nostalgic from the past that reminded you of the feeling of being somewhat of use, and you feel less like a slob, amazing!

But this of course is not enough, you’ll have to take things to a whole ‘nother level.

Step 2: Get out of your safe bubble

Since laziness springs out of comfort, the next logical step here is to ditch EVERYTHING that can apply even an inch of laziness onto you, so you can forcefully switch mindset and lifestyle. The goal here is to distanciate yourself from every chance of “doing nothing” and replace it with something that propels you forward.

This is the perfect time to instill an objective, a big goal, A PURPOSE into your head, once you’ve freed yourself from useless time-wasting gimmicks you’ll need something to fill your time with so you won’t fall back into that trap again.

Don’t be bland, set your eyes on something big and valuable for yourself, remember, this will have to take most if not all the time from your days. So there’s no need to go half-assed on this, go wild and think of something you (think) you can’t do.

By doing this you will prevent yourself from wasting time while accomplishing stuff on a day-to-day basis. There will be NO ROOM for laziness if you’re really committed to what you want to realize, trust me.


You are now officially on your merry way to say goodbye to laziness forever! but you mustn’t let your grip loosen since laziness is a sneaky bastard and can re-emerge when you least expect it. Especially if you’ve struggled with it for the majority of your life, it’ll be hard but you cannot afford to concede to your old, complacent self.

Remember, if there’s ACTION in your life laziness will automatically be kept at bay since it all revolves around you doing something and not letting yourself be swayed by today’s comfortable and addicting way of “living”.

That’s all there is to it, really.

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